Friday, July 2, 2010

Me And My Bias Binding Aren't On Speaking Terms Anymore

I thought I was losing my mind. For two days I struggled with bias binding. You see, granny bags were next on my to-sew list and you know granny bags need bias tape of some sort. I have had experience with bias tape. I thought I'd learnt everything I need to know about them. I'm so wrong. The one other thing I hadn't learnt about bias tape is they're impossible. I haven't come across such stubborness for such a long time.
I used a cotton tape for this granny.  I was just a tiny irritated at how inflexible the tape was.
For this granny, I made my own bias binding. I thought it would be easier. So wrong. It took me forever to handsew it. I honestly thought of going for a third granny and try doing the handle differently but I wisely decided that me and bias binding need some time apart. Might try again in a fortnight. Oh, check out the charming fabric I used. It's Chinese Kids from the period when men wore skirts.

I haven't been checking the weather forecast for around the world. Here in Singapore it's been raining a lot lately and flooding spectacularly. Today I didn't see the sun at all and it even felt cold. Might have to put on a sweater! Yeah, winter time in Singapore.

School term has started and I have to adjust to sleeping early and waking early. Gosh, I just love to sleep! And sleep. School term also means I get back my exercise routine. I take the kids to school and I go to the Senior Citizens Corner for a bit of machine exercise. No, you don't have to be a senior citizen to exercise there. After 15 minutes of joint rotation, I go home which is when I come across this ancient looking Chinese woman who practises a complicated form of Chinese exercise. She sits on a stool with her back against a tree trunk. Her eyes are closed and her arms are hung out in front of her and she sways. Sometimes she nods off. Yep, that's about it. Sits, sways and sleeps. My kind of exercise!

Tomorrow I have MAAD. Hope it doesn't rain. Hope it doesn't flood. Come back for my post-mortem won't you? I won't be a cry baby if sales aren't great. I promise.


dthneece said...

The bags are awesome--really nice job!! I would love some tips on how you conquered the bias tape because your results are very professional. :D

Kandi said...

Oh Jane, bias tape is a pain to work with I hate it too!
I love that bag with the kids fabric, will you be putting that in your shop?
In the UK the weather has been really hot and we are not used to it so are constantly exhausted in our house, it mainly rains here or snows. Hpe the flooding does not reach you.
Good Luck for MADD tomorrow.
Kandi x

Speckled Hen said...

I love your granny bags. Are they for sale?

Lollie Peeps said...

Fear's the foolproof way to attach bias tape:

place the open edge of the binding along the WRONG side of the seam. Sew along the crease line. Trim a little bit off the seam and fold the binding over to the right side. Now sew along the right side of the tape either so the stitching doesn't show on the back side or so both sides show the stitches. Voila! Bias binding without stress.

Also -- do you have a bias binding maker device? They are not expensive and all you have to do is run the binding through the little piece and it folds it in half as you iron it. Here's an example:

jane p said...

Kandi & Speckled Hen
I'll put a couple of grannies in my shop in a fortnight.

jane p said...

I'll share some links of bias tape conquests soon.

Lollie Peeps,
Thanks for the share. I own 5 bias tape makers.


Micki said...

I think you did a lovely job on the bags...binding and all!

tamdoll said...

Waiting for the results of your event... but I wanted to say, I like that woman's idea of exercise, too!

Chris H said...

While you may have hated doing those two bags.. they are LOVELY!
Good luck at MADD this weekend.

antmee said...

Love your granny bags and believe it or not, I have been "Googling" these style of bags because I am interested in giving them a go too, and I feel yours are some of the best I have seen! So feel proud of them! Your bias binding actually looks good from this distance! (Australia) lol

Dee said...

got a giggle at it being winter when you have to think about maybe putting on a sweater. :)

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