Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fabric Remnants Bags

Today is Wednesday. For the past year since September 2009 on Wednesdays, I have been faithfully going to a gym for my morning pilates class. I signed a contract to exercise for a year. Did I get the svelte body I used to own? No. Did I get looser muscles? Absolutely. Sadly, I'm saying goodbye to the gym after another 8 more sessions.

Sure, I could sign up for another year, or 2 or 3 or 4. But I'm not. Since I started my contract at the gym, I have been harrassed by the staff working at the gym. In the beginning it was not so bad. They would tell me about this or that promotion that was ending that day, that week. Would I like to extend my contract and get 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 years free? They would whip out the calculators and punch numbers furiously to give you a very good offer. I would decline. Since this year, the harrassment got worse. Whenever I go for my class, I need to drop my membership card into a box. When I leave, I just pick up my card from a tray. The staff cleverly hide my card forcing me to talk to them and that's when the hard-sell starts all over again. I told them not to hide my card from me but they would not listen. The more daring ones would call me or text me. They are very thick-skinned and just keep on trying to get me to sign a new contract. They have nothing to lose. I have had enough. 8 more sessions and I no longer have to listen to their crap.

Human polluters. Some days they really get to me. I wish I could terminate my relationship with the polluters who hang around the square in my area. They promise they're not trying to sell you something. They are. They block your way. They invade your personal space. They keep talking to you even when you indicate you don't want to listen to them. Even the eyebrow shapers would grab my arm and try to steer me to their shop.

At home, I'm not safe from them. I have a phone. They call me wanting to know if I want to sell my flat. Every day. It's a different person each time.

I simply cannot escape it. I have no choice but to endure it. I notice not everyone is as bothered as I am. Maybe I am the way I am because I grew up in a big family. 4 brothers and 4 sisters plus me mom. All my life I craved solitude. I've never had my own room. I've never lived alone. When I was married, I lived with my husband's family. 6 people under 1 roof. When we lived in our own flat, I already had my son. Then I had my girl. Zero peace.

I'm so glad I have my mornings to myself. You know what I mean? When nobody wants anything from you. Well, except Wednesday mornings. 8 more weeks.

It's a good thing I have my bags to make me happy. When I am making my bags, I am really focused and this helps me forget about my frustration. The last 2 days, I went thru' my remnants. Now you know how I hate to waste my remnants and I love to cut them into usable pieces and make something.
Remember this Ikea fabric? No, I could not resist making a drawstring bag.
A pink twill for the lining.
And a big, fat, round bottom.
For this bag, I had a larger amount of fabric to work with. It's like looking at a painting.
This is the back.
No surprise. Another recessed zipper shoulder bag with a zip pocket and patch pocket inside.
This bag called for an oblong bottom.
This narrow strip of fabric was turned into a pencil case.
This is the back.
A peek inside.

Would you believe I still have some remnants left over? I ran out of ideas so I shall leave them for another day.

Oh, one other thing. I was planning on making a couple of granny bags. But looks like granny bags aren't calling out to me. So I'm gonna have to wait for the "call".

14 projects completed. 986 more projects to go!
Thanks for visiting. Good nite and sweet dreams.


Jennifer Stumpf said...

You must be reading my mind with the solitude thing. Although I have a dog and a cat at my feet, I am alone in the apartment for another two hours. Pure bliss... Lovely projects. I am new to your blog and am loving it so much. Next stop-- your etsy shop. Enjoy your solitude. :)

Mamasakio said...

Your bag just made me happy too hahahah.
I know exactly what you mean! They just won't leave you alone, where ever you are!
I also have a big family (8 including me), then I moved to a student home, thereafter I shared homes and all of a 'sudden' I found myself living together and having children LOL.
I have to look at bags in your shops again X Have a lovely Summer X Shirley

Manu said...

Your bags are just beautiful! I love the ones you posted today !

Dee said...

As usual cute bags.
Wow that is a lot of sales harassment. we don't have it anything like that here. There are people in the shopping centres but they are easy to ignore. there are telemarketers but we signed up for the "don't call" service so they leave us alone now. Is there any way of getting something like that in Singapore? The door-to-door ones are only about once every week or two and they are usually trying ot get us to switch phone or electricity providers. I would hate the amount of harrasment that you have to endure. Enjoy your little patch of solitude.

Blu said...

That kind of harassment is terrible! I can't believe how rude some people can be.

Just comfort yourself knowing that your bags are stunning and they could never make any half as good~

Solstitches said...

Your bags are fabulous!
I really enjoy your blog and wonder if you have any tips for getting a square base into a bag as that is something I find really difficult.


*Tea said...

omg.... that´s not the way to keep customers.
how annoying!! hope that will end soon!

just love the bags so much! and light blue is one of my favorite colours too. The goat bag reminds me of the mountains... and i love the mountains! such beautiful works as always!

1000 bags, that´s a huge project! but i am sure you will make it! :D
Have you ever counted how many bags you already have sewn in the past i wonder?

antmee said...

There are so many exercises you can do at home so quit the gym and get a gym ball. Theres a great tummy exercise that really works the tummy muscles in only a few minutes. Dont over do it like I did and woke up the next day feeling every muscle in my tummy! lol

Love your bags! They look so perfectly made I am always inspired by them.

PS Take the phone off the hook while exercising!

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