Monday, July 19, 2010

A Chinese Wedding Banquet

I had a great weekend. On Sunday I attended my nephew's wedding and since 90% of my readers are not from Singapore, I thought I'll share some photos of the wedding dinner. So if you aren't Chinese and has never eaten Chinese food before, I hope you will enjoy the feast.

A typical Chinese wedding in Singapore will have some ceremonies at the bride and bridegroom's homes. It ends with a HUGE wedding dinner usually held at a hotel.
Before you attend a wedding dinner, you gotta prepare red packets containing gifts of money. The 2 gold ones are for the tea ceremony. Close relatives get to drink tea from tiny tea cups served by the bride and bridegroom. Two red packets are given to them. The red one is for the dinner. See how classy I am? I chose Mr Potato! How much money you put in the red packets is strictly up to the individual. Close relatives are usually very generous. For me, I just phone my mother and she tells me how much to put.
My nephew's wedding dinner was held at a hotel. In the pic above, you can see the lights which are on every floor of the hotel.
This is what I wore. In the past, black is a no-no. I wore a red pendant for a bit of red.
No, I'm not attending an art house movie. The photos next to me are of the bride and bridegroom. Oh, did I mention my nephew is a very tall and handsome young man? Congrats to the couple.

Let the feast begin.
Delux Combination Platter
Clockwise: Roast pork, spicy jellyfish, 5 beancurd rolls with crabmeat, prawn salad with mixed fruits, roast duck
This is just the appertizer and it's delicious.
 Braised Shark's Fin Soup with dried scallop and crabmeat
Our waiter dishes the soup into small bowls for each of us.
Sauteed Prawns with Cuttlefish and Kong Po sauce
Anything with Kong Po sauce is spicy. If you can take the spice, this dish will delight you.
Steamed Star Garoupa Hongkong Style
Ok, my family doesn't eat fish with bones. We are the fillet kind of people but my kids went mad over this fish. So did I. This item is what we gonna order the next time we go to a Chinese restaurant.
Crispy Garlic Chicken Served With Prawn Crackers
I liked the prawn crackers more than the chicken because I'm not a fan of garlic. Never eaten prawn crackers? It's grainy, crispy and tastes like heaven.
Braised Sliced Sea Whelk With Mushrooms and Broccoli
I tasted msg.
Braised Ee-fu Noodles With Yellow Chives
Strangely, the 2nd last dish is always a heavy carbo. The chef probably don't want you to go off feeling hungry so they stuff you with carbo! I really like this noodles. I shall attempt to cook it one day.
Chilled Strawberry Yam Pudding
I'm guessing the pudding is shaped like a fish because it's auspicious.
This is how it's served. It's the first time I've eaten anything like this and it tasted strangely good.

A total of 8 dishes. 8 is of course an auspicious number in Chinese culture. I had a really good time. I got to see all my siblings and my mom.


Sherry said...

What a lovely interesting post! It sounds as though you had a wonderful time with all your family and all that food looks totally delicious! We have Chinese takeaway sometimes here in the UK but I usually have special fried rice with curry sauce - not very adventerous - but tasty all the same!

Thanks for sharing x

tamdoll said...

Thanks for sharing all these great pictures. Now I'm really, really hungry.

Kandi said...

Oh wow what a feast, you have made me so hungry now! The photo of the bride and groom is incredible, beautiful couple!
Kandi x

Chris H said...

OH all that food looks so yum! You look lovely too I might add!

wej said...

very interesting!
thank for this post! =)


antmee said...

Yum! Lovely looking food and an interesting post!

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