Sunday, July 4, 2010

July MAAD 2010 Post-Mortem

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my post-mortem. I did a count and this is my 13th MAAD outing. Okay, I'm sure you all want to know if it rained. Yep, it rained all day on Saturday. It was so cold I did not sweat once. Hurray! But it didn't flood where I was. I took the train with my new 4 wheeler luggage. First trip on the train for my luggage. I learnt that a 4 wheeler luggage does not stay stationary. It kept rolling away from me. Yes, I kept the commuters amused.

July MAAD was pretty much same ole same ole. Oh, I almost got hit by a car. I had gone out in the rain to get lunch only to discover the coffeeshop was under renovation. Traumatised by the thought of going hungry and without tea, I crossed the road to go to a food centre further away. Of course I did not see the car. I swear I looked. All of a sudden I saw it coming at me and managed to get out of harm's way in the nick of time. Yep, that was me screaming at the top of my voice. I really have to be more careful.

On Sunday, we had a group photo to mark MAAD 4th Anniversary. We had cheese cake and some goodie pack. There were no balloons. I don't know why I was expecting balloons.
I don't undestand the chicken connection.
Me hubs waiting for his cheesecake: Please mam' can I have some more?
Girl: Dad, you can have mine.
Happy with cake, Dad goes shopping. Please sir, can you comb your hair?

I don't have the group pic yet. Will post it if I can get a copy.
This is me buddy Vivien. She's extremely camera shy so this is all you're gonna see of her. She's a really classy lady but the best part is we can really yak non-stop to each other. My table is to her left.
I fooled around with the camera self-timer a lot. The camera is placed on the window ledge.
Gimme sexy!
Gimme Peace. Why am I so happy posing with my ton of unsold bags?

Here's the part you're probably dying to know. I sold 6 items.
The parrot shopping bag went to Fyan. I think she looks gorgeous with it. Oh, I love her outfit too. Btw, she's a repeat customer.
My Michael Miller's Chinese Kids Grannie went to SiewHua. Her first bag from me. She's tried to buy something from me whenever I sell at MAAD but no love until now. I feel like I've climbed Mt Everest.
My Yellow Green Cotton Drill Rabbit Bag went to Susan from Melbourne. Man, I love their smiles. That's why I included both pics.
The next item sold was my Junichi Nakahara teeny tote.
 Followed by my pinkish dragonfly zip pouch. The lady used it right away!
My green dragonfly zip pouch went to Mom of Momshoo. She's in a secret competition with Mandy to see who owns more of my bags. I'm kidding. It's my secret wish. I'm horrible.

I had fun. I didn't feel sleepy once. Thanks to everyone who bought my bags. Mom of Momshoo. LOVE YA.


tamdoll said...

This is fantastic! You sold bags, didn't get hit by a car, and from your pictures, you at least had fun (you made it seem like you did!)

Jenny said...

Well done, sounds like you had a great time Jane, except for the car of course!

Susan Castle said...

Susan from Melbourne - thanks when I got home and really scrutinised the bag I was very happy so well made and gorgeous with bunny! XX

jane p said...

Hi Susan,
Just got home and saw your comment. I'm so happy you like the bag. Oh, you've made the sale so much sweeter. Thank you, you gorgeous smile you.

*Tea said...

to be honest... i am a little bit scared by the chicken doll... haha

but my favorite bag´s of yours were already sold again.
such lucky girls who grab it.

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