Saturday, July 10, 2010

Iluma Arts Market 10 July 2010 Post-mortem

Hey guys. I'm back home safe and sound after a long day at Iluma Arts Market. I sold a total of 13 items. Yay!

I'd like to show you some of the items I sold today.
My denim crossbody bag was the first bag sold. I was at the rest room when the sale happened. Thanks to momshoo for helping me out!
 Check out his watch!

My parrot denim crossbody went to Joao from Portugal. A male customer! Yay!!
My Denim Randomly Patched Band Pleated Shoulder Bag went to Heong Muay.
Remember my matrix bag? It went to Elena. She looks perfect with the bag.
These two batik slouchy bags were snatched up by one customer!
 Doesn't Len from Manila look lovely with the nautical shopping bag?

Meet Sarah from France. She's got good eye. She bought the Michael Miller Chinese Kids Recessed Zipper Mini Tote plus a couple of hair accessories.
Remember Delphina who bought a drawstring pouch from me at my June 19 Iluma Arts Market? She returned with her mom and they bought the following:
Junichi Nakahara teeny tote
Cherries cotton drill zip pouch

I love returning customers. Thank you Delphina for your support!
Next was this canvas zip pouch. A guy chose it for his girl! Love.
The last bag sold was my bunny drill cotton blue/pink shoulder bag. Yes, I'm out of bunny bags.

13 items sold. I'm very happy with the result. Also, I enjoyed the company. That's a big part of selling. A new friend I got to know at MAAD, Periwinkle Su came by for a visit. It was nice of her to come. We had a nice chat.
Thought I'll show you what I wore today. Yep, my favourite Roots tee-shirt and same ole Cotton on denim hipster shorts. Me hubs took this pic when he came to visit me before he went to work. Check out my watch. A customer liked it. So rock n roll.

Thanks for the visit. See you soon.


Kandi said...

Congratulations on the sales! I love that a man bought one for himself and he was rather handsome too!
I love your t-shirt, that was the year I was born.
Kandi x

Lai Nah said...

i'm glad u sold so many! too bad i couldn't come. rain, oh-so-high heels and a very stuffed, very sleepy family. still, am hoping to catch up over kopi soon. see ya...
lai nah

Relishedartistry said...

Awesome!!! Congrats, Jane! I'm sure there are some happier people out there that are proud they bought your bags! Kudos!!! : )

Micki said...

Congrats on your sales! Your bags are stunning!

Dee said...

you look great Jane! and you sold heaps woohoo you. :)

Speckled Hen said...

Hi Jane, I am your new follower and love your blog and bags. Congratulations on your sales!
I particularly love your Michael Miller Chinese Kids Recessed Zipper Mini tote. Hope you will make more of this style of bags, I am very interested in purchasing one. Please keep your bags coming!!!

jane p said...

Welcome Speckled Hen! Yes, I like the mini tote too. Will make more when I get inspired.

antmee said...

Congrats on selling so many bags! I'm not surprised though as your bags just keep on getting more and more fabulous! I nearly signed up for a credit card so I could purchase one!

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