Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fat Bottoms

It's been a very cold week in Singapore raining on and off. So cold that I wore a yukata over my regular Tees and shorts when I'm home. Last Saturday some areas in Singapore flooded and unfortunately for some it was their second time since June 16's spectacular flooding. I'm just happy that where I live, it doesn't flood. Just puddles.

Bad weather is weighing on my mind now as in August, from 20th to 22nd, I'll be going with the MAAD gang to the Singapore Art Museum(SAM) to sell our handmade creations. Well, actually the stalls will be outside SAM so now you understand why rain would ruin everything. I must cater for flooding! The SAM gig is part of Singapore HeritageFest 2010 – Heritage Sparkles in the City. There will be performances inside SAM as well as outside.

The 3-day SAM gig is just a month away and despite my extremely low stock, I'm still sewing slowly. Today, I was counting the number of bags I have and I started to panic. So next week, I resolve to put in 8 hours of sewing every day.

I should mention that I won't be selling at red dot design museum from 7th to 8th August. I have a party to attend.

This week my mind is still on drawstring bags. However, my focus is on the bottoms. My previous batch of drawstring pouches had flat bottoms.This week, I played around with FAT bottoms. What a difference a fat bottom does to a drawstring bag. Take a look.
Rectangular bottom

I was delighted to discover I have enough leftover of this fabric to make a medium size drawstring bag.
This bottom is deliberately small in order to create a poufy effect. If you don't know how to make a small circle match a larger circle, here's how. You sew long running stitches on the larger circle and pull creating gathers. The larger circle will also become smaller. Pull the thread tighter till both circles match. And that's how it's done.
Poufy Drawstring Bag
Piped Round Bottom
This drawstring bag is much larger. I wanted it to have a fat bottom but without the pouf. Also I added a little red and white gingham border at the mouth of the bag just for fun.
I completed the 2 zip pouches I was working on. The red one with elephant applique is listed for sale at my Etsy and my Zibbet. Available until 19th August. Take a look if you are interested.

Another 5 projects completed. 990 more projects to go!


Solstitches said...

All of your drawstring bags and pouches are so lovely.
I especially like the red one with the piped bottom.
Good luck with the show. I'm sure you will sell lots of your lovely creations.

Zandra said...

This was a lovely site! A good blog for inspiration since your bags are a good handicraft! Lots of love from Sweden

Dee said...

I am loving your drawstring phase. such cute bags and so well maade. those little zippered bags are cute - especially the elephant.

antmee said...

Another great post full of fun inspiration! Your elephant applique is so cute!

Sammy said...

I love every thing in your post.

Well done.

-samya :-)

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