Monday, October 25, 2010

A Bag Is Born

For the past few days I have been obsessing over the construction of my sports bag inspired bag.
Remember this bag? I made it in April 2010. It is constructed the same way as the Rainbow Bag which is done in a very complicated way where the outer fabric and the lining are sewn together. At some point, the entire bag has to be squashed flat like a pancake in order to complete the construction. That's fine as long as your fabric isn't thick and the gusset is not wide.

So I wanted to find another way to construct these sports bag inspired bags without any limitation on the size of the bag. Yes, I want to make these bags even BIGGER. Anyhoo, after days and days, I've finally come to a compromise method. I know I'm just babbling and you don't know what I'm talking about. But the bag is finally done and what I'm gonna show you isn't pretty.
The unglam side of a bag. This is what the bag looks like on the raw side. I've sewn only certain portions of the outer fabric and lining together.
Now we push the "baby" out through the gap, much like giving birth, eh? Gosh, I'm so gross today. Speaking of giving birth, my 2 kids were a result of C-section. So I've NEVER experienced labour pains and I have no real idea what PUSHING means.
We're almost there! Can you see a little of the outer fabric?
It's a GIRL!
And I used Ikea fabric again. It's similar to the Rainbow fabric but has fewer colours.
Plus, I used piping on the bag. Can you tell? The haze and thunderstorm in Singapore is making it very hard to take photos. More of these big babies coming up soon. See you.



Love that fabric! Your bag is lovely. x

Sylla Q Madam said...

super bag ;)

Bethany said...

Wow I really like that! You should write your bags up as patterns to sell--you've got a few I'd buy for sure :)

Lesley said...

You are so clever! That is a beauty.

Chris H said...

Yep,love it! I think I am starting to get a fetish for bag making!,

by night said...

I had no connection during 4-5 days and when I see all what I've missed here, it feels llike a month ;-)
I am really impressed with these bad designs. I love the knot on the rainbow bag and this "sport" one seems reallu outta reach for the beginner I am

tamdoll said...

Love it! The best part about making bags is when you turn them right-side out. I'm sitting here, reading your blog instead of trying to figure out and make a handle for one of mine. Thanks for being inspiring!

antmee said...

Great shape! I must practice more bag making to be able to even think of making a bag like this! You are an inspiration!

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