Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jane Makes Flowers

This seems to be a pattern. Each time after I sell somewhere I can't get back into the sewing routine. This time is no different. I'm just staring at my sewing machine and I cannot start anything. Well, I've learnt from past experiences that doing something other than making bags will usually trigger my bag-sewing passion again.

So instead of watching TV all day, I made fabric flowers. After watching a few videos on youtube on flower making, I've realised that glue is essential. But I'm rather anti-glue. It's so icky. Instead of glue, I replaced it with handstitching.

The first flower I made seems to look really easy. Here's the tute I used: Frayed Flower Tute
Originally, the idea of making fabric flowers is to use my scraps. However, looking at this frayed flower tute, the amount of fabric required is rather long. But I was stubborn and wanted to use a scrap of gingham I had. The basic idea of this flower is to making running stitches along the length of the fabric and scrunch it up.
I think the length of the fabric was around 25" far too short to achieve any scrunch.
I gave it to my doll.

This is my second attempt. I used a longer strip - 38". The scrunchiness was better.
I made a larger one. The length is still 38" but the width is doubled. I think the smaller one looks better.
For my next flower I wanted something with petals. I sewed four, turned right side out and inserted some yarn in the middle. I discovered that a pair of tweezers is your best friend when turning tiny pieces of fabric right side out.
This is a bag I use frequently when I go to the market. I think the flower brightens it up.
For my next flower, I got ambitious. I used more petals, varying in size. The middle has the same red yarn.
This is another bag I use frequently. I think the flower goes with it.

You know what I discovered? Making fabric flowers which requires handsewing, turning right side out and hiding all the ugly stitching - it takes a very long time! I could have sewn a simple pouch in the same amount of time. Certainly not going into the fabric flower biz anytime soon.
Yesterday I received a happy surprise in the mail. Another cheque from nuffnang a blog advertising community. I wasn't going to yap about it because it's silly you know. But a note attached with the cheque says if I blog about receiving the cheque, I MAY get more money next round. So I never turn down the chance to get free money, so I thank you for indulging me. Btw, a BIG thanks to everyone for reading my blog because it's the traffic that gave me the cheque. It's about 3 years since I started this blog and I'm still nowhere near achieving high traffic. That would be a bonus but it's not everything. I'm happy to share my sewing journey with you and I appreciate everyone for coming to my blog regularly even tho' all I talk about is bags, bags, bags. Um...except today which is flowers, flowers, flowers. But you know what I mean.

Lastly, in my last post I wondered if I have any readers from Iceland. So today I checked my stats and what do you know? I have readers from many countries - some I'm ashamed to say I've never even heard of but none from Iceland! NONE.

See you guys again once I get my sewing mojo back.


*Tea said...

Jane! The little blue flower hair accessorie is so cute! i love the fresh colours. Is that your girl who´s wearing it?

PS: Cute doooll!!! :D

Yay! For another nuffnang cheque!

tamdoll said...

Hey nice flowers! So, did it get you sewing bags again?
Once I made fabric flowers & you're right, they are a lot of work, but nice to have around as embellishments or as a gift to wear as a brooch.

Chris H said...

I love fabric flowers, and finding uses for them. Yours are lovely.
Do you have many readers from here? (New Zealand?)

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