Saturday, October 30, 2010

Perfect Size Fat Bottomed Drawstring Pouches

Last night I went to bed feeling sick to my stomach. No, it's nothing serious. I just found out Gretchen won Project Runway. It's so wrong. I just want to tase Nina and Mr Kors. I know it's just television and I shouldn't feel so strongly that it affects my real being but I so wanted Mondo to win.

So no surprise. Today is a cold dreary day. It's been like that for a while now. I wake up shivering and have to shuffle around in my sweaters until I get warm enough to look like I live in a hot country. I think it's just me feeling the cold because I don't see anyone else dressed for winter. I dread the cold rainy weather because it makes my body all knotty. My muscles just won't unknot. I know part of it is psychological but it's still very hard to feel positive especially when I try to take pictures and the sky is just grey. I just want to tase myself.

On a positive note, my kids' exams are finally over and it's such a relief to stop having to watch over them like a hawk. This is the part of parenting I dislike the most - getting the kids to study for the exams. My son did average - no surprise. He barely touched his books. Another reason I'm glad exams are over is I have a neighbour who lives in the next block and she tutors her kid AT THE TOP OF HER VOICE every single night. Her screaming and shouting causes me a huge amount of stress. Every night, I just want to tase her.

October is nearly over. Yay! Next weekend, 6th to 7th November, I'll be back at red dot design museum selling my bags. Although I had a lot of time, I didn't make many bags. I just didn't feel inspired. For the past few days I've been busy making what I call Perfect Size Drawstring Pouches. The last few times I made drawstring pouches for sale, I had many requests for a smaller version. It seems women don't want their drawstring pouches to be huge like I imagined. I used a regular size wallet, key pouch, handphone and a packet of tissues for sizing. I'm imagining these are the essentials that every woman needs to carry with her. Here they are.
Guess how many I made?
You may recognise this fabric. It's apples print by Michael Miller. I kept the bag design very simple and functional.
 The inside.
These are all you need to carry around, ladies.
There's room to spare! You could throw in a lipstick, compact or whatever you  can't live without.
You know I was feeling kind of grey, so I had a ball with the fabric matching. This is the best part of sewing. Going thru' your stash and mixing and matching.
This clover print by Patty Young for Michael Miller you've seen before. I love it so I'm gonna use it till I have nothing left.
I think the colour combo is fabulous. Yes, I'm praising myself.
There's something very calming yet dazzling about this hard to describe blue fabric by guess who? Michael Miller again!
It's also extremely hard to match.
MoMo MoMo MoMo....
A blue-grey lining for this MoMo.
Who can resist a pink MoMo?
Another fabric you recognise? Apples and Pears by Alexander Henry. The lime green leaves called out to me.
I had the perfect lining in green and white gingham.

Pigs linen-cotton print.
 Some colour to spice things up inside.
The perfect bottom!
Are you salivating over this little red riding hood print by Kokka?
Of course the bottom had to be red.
I saw green for the lining. What colour did you see?
I think this is the first Amy Butler fabric I've ever used.
I saw orange for the bottom. What colour did you see?
This is a kokka print. It is delightful.
I saw purple for the lining. What colour did you see?
Of course the bottom had to be purple.

That's right. I made a total of 10 perfect size fat bottomed drawstring pouches. I'll be selling these at MAAD 6th to 7th November. Hope I got the size right. Otherwise I'll have 10 of these  pouches sitting around. Bye.


Ann Flowers said...

Love the bags!!!! great variety of colors.

I hear you about the size. I prefer small to medium bags, my mom, my sister, their friends and my own daughter love the big bags, the bigger the better!! So there are some for both bags.

I think they will sell but if you have a few left over do a blogger trade, maybe some of your followers can trade for one and offer you something you will love in return:):)

And of course you could save one for a blog giveaway and all us followers will be lining up to try at a chance to win:)

Wonderful job!!! Have fun too:)

Ann Flowers

tamdoll said...

All that talk of tasing was scary! Although I was upset when my kids told me Gretchen won. I wouldn't even come into the room to watch the episode after that, told them to just delete the recording. And yeah, maybe the screaming neighbor could use it. So- maybe it's not that scary an idea.

Your bag fabrics are fantastic - love the coordinating linings and your labels are adorable. If you come home with any of those I will be very surprised! Good luck at the sale next weekend!

Micki said...

The drawstring bags are so pretty and versatile.

antmee said...

Every single one of your pouches were outstanding. They really inspire people to play with fabric. You seem to have a lot of great yummy fabric and I would really like to play with it all but you might tase me!! lol

by night said...

How many have you made? How can you say I am running out of control? You nevr stop either, do you?
Your color combination are perfect. I agree that is one of the best parts abour sewing. But one of the trickiest too ;-)

Ben said...

very nice these pouches - Bags!

Liza A. said...

I was wondering where did you purchase the drawstring? It's cotton twill, right?


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