Monday, October 4, 2010

October MAAD 2010 Post-Mortem

Hey everyone,

Today I'm writing a post about my weekend MAAD sale at red dot design museum. You know, the last time I was at red dot was 4th July. A few things have changed since then. Firstly and rather sadly, the food centre near red dot where I get really cheap food is permanently shut down. I almost had a heart attack. Oh, how cruel. The only other place to get food is a well-known market called Maxwell market, I think. But there's too much choice over there and the queue is usually long. The other change is the red floor where I sell at is now air-conditioned so the windows have to be closed all the time. So now I have to pack my sweater. I usually sweat a bucket when I sell at red dot. Now I look like I'm visiting Iceland. (This is the coldest sounding country I can think of so pardon me readers from Iceland, if any)

Since 4th July, I had been selling at different places all over Singapore and the tables provided are longer than the squarish one provided at MAAD for the red floor. I actually found it hard to arrange my bags and pouches on a square table. I have been so spoiled.

So how was the sales? Sales at red dot is never roaring. I sold a grand total of 7 bags/pouches. I have just 1 photo of a customer.
Remember Len? She's now the new owner of the crane and the pitcher shopping bag. I was very happy to see her and her friend, Raphael. Thanks for coming guys.

My Anne of Green Gables pouches became a mini-celebrity. But only 1 was bought. The fans just wanna touch the pouches and talk about the stories!

There was a iphone photograph exhibition at red dot museum and of course that means many of the people we saw storming the museum are photographers or photo-loving people. Some of them went around taking photos of our products and rarely asking for permission first. Personally, I don't mind anyone taking photos of my bags even if they don't ask me for permission. But my dear friend Mandy had problems because what she sells can be damaged and some people think it's okay to wear her accessories for photo-taking or tomfoolery! Gosh, where are their manners?
Mandy's solution. Check out the white fur she lines her table with.
There was a new table selling hair accessories for humans. The owners had 3 Blythe on the table and I was so smitten with them(the Blythe) but no, I did not get to play with them(the Blythe). Oh, some day I'm getting me a Blythe.

I had visitors. My SIL came by. Also, Eileen of shulingbloom. She's my new friend from Open Doors Weekend Market. Thanks for the visit. It's already October. Time to get cracking on spitting out more bags and pouches for the Christmas period. Take care.


Chris H said...

Too hot, too cold... ya can't win!
I hope you found some food.
I would worry that someone who took photos would then copy my designs!
But as handcrafts are not that big in Singapore I suppose you don't have to worry.

Janet said...

Hi Jane!

Just drop by to say "Hi".I see my gal's here.Thanks for sharing the pic. :)

Anonymous said...

Many people in Singapore have no qualms copying your designs. They see products that sell and they reproduce one at a cheaper cost than you. It's the same all over.

tamdoll said...

Glad to see you had some sales at least.

I've been wanting a Blythe doll, too.. but not so sure lately - do I really want a doll or just something cute to make clothes and hats for? That's what I think I want it for, but too expensive just to play dress up!

Chris H said...

Morning Jane, I posted your cards today... and they should be with you within 3-10 days.

*Tea said...

i spot a blythe... how lovely!
Len´s new bag looks great! very colourful and pretty fabric u used for it :D

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