Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Won!

Hello dear friends,

Yesterday a package arrived for me and the first thought that came to my mind was: My Sashiko thread has arrived! That's right. My sashiko thread hasn't arrived yet. According to the shop owner, it was posted in early September. I have no hopes of ever receiving it. I have since ordered another batch of Sashiko thread from another shop, this time from another US store and guess what? It has already arrived!!!

Anyhoo, where was I? Yes, the package - as it turned out it was my win from Diet Coke Rocks giveaway. Lately I've been going crazy entering for this and that blog giveaway. I don't enter for every giveaway though - just those that I want to win. I couldn't believe I actually won something. Okay, so what did I win?
TEN handmade fabric cards! They are so beautiful.
These 2 are my favourites.
My girl picked this for herself.

When I was a student, one of my hobbies was making cards. But mine was more line drawings done on white card. I was quite obsessed with making cards in those days and once I made birthday cards for my best friend, Adeline. I cannot remember how old she was, 19 I think. I made her 19 birthday cards - one for every year she was alive. Yes, the things you do when you're young! Facebook has made birthday greetings so much simpler. I contemplated going into card making/selling biz after I left school but I discovered that getting your cards distributed was extremely hard. If only internet existed then!

Anyway, I've moved onto drawing on fabric. I've been busy making zip pouches for the past few days. I'll show you what I made in the next post. See ya.


antmee said...

Congratulations! They are some really nice cards. If I had time I would do a card making blog about card making! I collect card making stuff but no time to use it so have a lot of crap collected! lol

*Tea said...

what a lovely surprise!

oh, i lost 2! packages in the post lately too. one for a customer and one for Mr. P, both sent inbetween 1 month and haven´s arrived for weeks now...that´s so frustrating.

Kandi said...

Well done on your win! I tried card making too and have loads of accessories for it but I am not very good at it really ~ better I leave it to the experts.
Kandi x

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