Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Rainbow

Today around 5pm, I stupidly put on my orange socks and my spiffy Adidas running shoes thinking I'll do a few rounds around the park before dinner. Ugh! The air stank and it was foggy. I had forgotten about the haze! I immediately abandoned my plan to do any outdoors activity because I have 1 sensitive nose. Okay, I did not immediately abandon my plan. I walked all the way to the park thinking it might be less stinky there but of course I was wrong.

Yes, the dreadful haze is back. Seems like the fire-starters at Sumatra are burning their forests again! I wonder why the authorities are so powerless? This happens EVERY YEAR!

Right, on to more pleasant stuff. I was wondering what to make with the rest of my rainbow fabric and I decided I would make a recessed zipper bag similar to these 2 which I made for October MAAD.
The baby blue version was sold at October MAAD but I didn't manage to sell the red butterfly version. The buyer of the baby blue version is a young girl, I'm guessing a student. She actually noticed the fabric tabs I put at the end of the handles! Yes, this is how I hide the raw edges. I like to use a "surprise" fabric for the end tab.
Before she left, she said to me in Mandarin, jia you! Literally it means to refuel. It's a form of encouragement. I've never had a customer say jia you to me before. I think it's so sweet! Now let's look at my latest bag.
Yes, there's the front pocket. Singaporeans who travel by public transport use a transport card to get around. That's what the front pocket is for.
I didn't want this to be a crossbody bag. I think it's better with a shorter handle.
 The recessed zipper bit.
This bag is all about the wooden ring which is used to control the length of the handle. Can you see the blue fabric tab at the end of the handle?
Doesn't the bag look so comfy? I think the rainbow fabric will make any bag look good. You jia you now, okay? See you soon.


Eileen said...

Your bags get better and better, Jane! Jiayou :)

Dee said...

must. have. red. bag. with. butterfly. Puhlease tell me you haven't sold it yet?
... the word for this post is 'begendab' i sure am begen...

Ellen said...

the rainbow bag is just so beautiful......!!

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