Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Rainbow Bag

If this bag looks familiar, it is. I've made a similar bag in July 2009. My sis, Elaine owns the bag but unfortunately, the zipper became faulty. Don't you hate it when that happens?

The faulty zipper was bought from Spotlight and hideously expensive. So I'm rather disappointed with the quality. Expensive does not always mean good. Thank goodness I only bought a metre's worth and probably used it on 2/3 bags. Anyhoo, I've since discovered YKK continuous zippers which are far cheaper, wider (!!), stronger and reliable. Plus, the owner of the shop always gives me a discount.

I tried to replace the faulty zipper but it seems I had used a continuous zipper which had a rather narrow width which is no longer sold anywhere.

So I did the next best thing I could think of. I made a new bag, same design with the same fabric but with YKK zipper.
I added 2 pockets to the front.
I love the back. This fabric has so many colours that only white is missing.
This is the inside. I know it looks very plain but with the riot of colours on the outside, I think the owner of the bag would appreciate a little "quietness" when she opens the bag. At least that's what I think. See you soon. Hope the smog clears.


by night said...

I am amazed with this one! It looks very complicated to make! I never used continuous zipper. I should give it a try sometime, shouldn't I?
Did you put something in the handles. They look thick and stiffer than if they were just made out of fabric

Andreja said...

Nice bag, I really love it. The material loooks familiar. It is Ikea isn't it?

jane p said...

@Andreja, I'm so happy to have a reader from Slovenia. Yes, it's Ikea fabric. I'm a BIG BIG fan of Ikea.

Ebygomm said...

I love this Ikea Saralisa fabric, reminds me I've still got some to use.

Kandi said...

I love the shape of this bag and love the added pockets! I think the inside is fine in that colour I hate dark linings as you can't find anything.
Kandi x

tamdoll said...

Beautiful bag! I think insides of bags that are neutral or light colored are probably best. If I had a crazy fabric in my bags I'd never be able to find anything!

*Tea said...

i know YKK zippers.... have them on many zipp up jackets... lol
beautiful bag! love the shape! ... what else would i expect from you :D

antmee said...

Great bag shape! The inside is perfect, with a cute little stamp to add interest.

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