Monday, December 6, 2010

December MAAD 2010 Post-Mortem

Hey you guys,

Hope you had a great weekend. The last MAAD for the year 2010 has come and gone. I was a little worried about rain as I was taking the train. Plus my girl was coming along to be my little helper for Saturday. She did a great job by the way. I must surely be very lucky because just 5 minutes after I reached red dot design museum, it POURED for hours.

The Christmas crowd did not come to MAAD this year. So yes, it was very quiet. I was expecting a miracle but it didn't happen. But sellers never cry. So I will gamely move on to the next craft market.

I read my December 2009 MAAD post-mortem and was really shocked that just 1 year ago, I sold 32 bags at Dec 2009 MAAD. Gosh, business has really gone down the drain. This weekend, I just managed to sell 13 items!
I made 3 additional drawstring pouches which I haven't shown you guys yet. The red and whites ones have been sold. But the blue/grey/white checks is still available.
What a great smile!
This is June with her purchase. Inside the pouch is a clutch which she also bought. Her friend, Cindy bought the other red and white nautical drawstring pouch. Thank you ladies!
Guess what she's doing?
My dear friends, please meet Fiona, officially my very FIRST bag-making student. On Saturday, I taught her to make a perfect size lunchtime drawstring pouch. She had to handsew it - poor thing. She's very easy to teach mostly because she already knows how to sew pretty well. I kept talking to her while she sewed. I realise I talk a lot.
Yay, I did it!
I hope to conduct future classes using sewing machines but that'll be 2011. I hope Fiona returns for more classes!!!
Perfect breakfast - eggs, buttered toast and tea
On Sunday I was so happy to discover that a restaurant called Funan Wen next to red dot design museum served breakfast. Look what I ate. Breakfast fit for a QUEEN. However, I was a little concerned when the very attentive waiter asked me if the eggs were cooked right? What??? You don't know? He explained it was only the 2nd day they were doing breakfast and needed my feedback.
Thank goodness the guys knew what they were doing after all. The eggs were PERFECT. I'm eating breakfast there from now on.

Sunday was not spectacular at all. Me bud, Jon came down for a short while. Forgot to take a pic! (He must be so relieved) At the end of the day, I received a nice surpise. My fellow craft seller Sally gave me an early Christmas present. (I got her nothing!)
Wire wrapped ring
This wire wrapped ring was something I had been eyeing for a while ever since I saw Sally wearing it. I wanted to buy it from her but I did not tell her I fancied it. To my surprise, she gave it to me! How did she know I liked it? Sally just started selling her wire wrapped jewellery at Etsy. Her shop is called SalangCreation. Check it out and please heart her folks!

I have 2 more craft markets to sell at this year. My stock is embarrassingly low so this week I have to become a superwoman and spit out a few more bags. See you.


Kandi said...

I hope it picks up for you Jane. That ring is beautiful she must have known the way you looked at it.
Kandi x

Little Blue Mouse said...

I love the drawstring pouches.

What's that in the bowl with the spoon in?

jane p said...

@Little Blue Mouse
It's soft boiled eggs.


Chris H said...

So in all you have had a good year eh? You always manage to sell a few things! The ring is lovely... and so is the breakfast!

Little Blue Mouse said...

Thanks Jane.
That's completely different to how we eat them over here in England. We put each one in an egg cup, take the top off and eat them out of the shell using toast cut up into fingers which we call 'soldiers'. Is the brown some sort of sauce? If we only maybe put salt and pepper on ours.

by night said...

I am sorry to hear you didn't sell as much as expected! But you did sell a few items and that is certainly better than nothing, isn't it?
I do hope anyway, next year will be better ;-)

tamdoll said...

Oh, I love those red and white striped bags! Last year was better in sales for everyone, I think - I hope your next two events pick up!
Your soft-boiled eggs made me hungry - breakfast is my favorite meal of the day!

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