Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Next Craft Market

This week I'm abandoning my favourite TV-shows, housework, blog friends and just doing nothing but sewing. Sewing bags takes time. I have no time. This week, time FLEW. I haven't even washed my hair! I have completed 4 crossbody bags so far. I have no time to take photos. Today and tomorrow I'll do a few zip pouches and that's all I can spit out this week. My next craft market is this weekend at Iluma. Iluma is not a easy place to sell at. It's a different crowd. I can only hope for the best. Plus it's outdoors. Will probably start to worry about rain from Friday.

Christmas Arts Market
201 Victoria Street
Singapore 188067
12pm to 9pm both days
Nearest MRT stn: Bugis


ByNightCreations said...

Well, at least you won't get snow as we do here ;-)
More seriously, goog luck (Bonne chance) on that one! I hope it goes better than last week's!

Micki said...

Good luck with your bags! I know the feeling!

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