Monday, December 20, 2010

Iluma Christmas Arts Market 18th to 19th December Post-Mortem

Boo. I had to wake up at 6:45am this morning. I know for most of you folks, that's normal. For me, after sewing hysterically for weeks and a weekend spent at Iluma selling my bags, I just wanna sleep in. My son's school wanted the boys to be in school early for something-something. As I have told you before, despite the school holidays, my kids still go to school for sports. I've discovered this year that in Secondary School, sports is a major part of a student's life. It was really cold this morning. I seriously didn't want to get out of bed. Boy, I really feel old when I feel cold getting out of bed. I know that cold in Singapore is probably "regular weather" in some countries. I don't know how folks in cold weather countries cope. I know me bones rattled this morning!

Oh, how hectic has my sewing life been the past few weeks? It's been insane. I'm quite amazed I could sew at this rate, just spitting out pouches and bags day after day. But I'm so glad I can take a break.

This weekend at the Iluma Christmas Arts Market, I learnt a few things. First major lesson. The night before a craft market, DO NOT eat any take-away crab smothered in salted duck egg yolk which your husband brings home. No matter how delicious it looks or tastes. It was 1am on Saturday morning and I was still up packing my stuff. Me hubs came home from work and told me about the unusual treat he had brought home. Of course I had to eat it. It was strangely delicious. And oily from the egg yolk. And salty from the egg yolk. And so joyously great to eat. I literally fell in love with me hubs all over again while I was eating it. And thinking happily it was a good thing my kids were asleep as I didn't want to share the crab!

Anyway I woke up with a not-so-good tummy. I felt like the yolk was taking a mighty long time to digest and that gave me a huge headache which raged the whole morning. Great lesson for greedy me. I'm just so glad my kids came along to help me. I was rather snappish in the morning. But my kids were real understanding. I'll post a pic of the delicious indigestible crab later if I can get it from me hubs.

Edited: Yes, got the pic.
Yummy. Crab smothered in duck's egg yolk
Second major lesson. Stock up, stock up, stock up.
Day 1 - table
Day 1 - rack
Day 2 - table only
My stock was pathetic. On Sunday, I had to ditch the rack. Still, I managed to sell a total of 23 bags and pouches! I couldn't believe it. I feel so loved. Muah, muah.

I wanted to try out new lucky tees to wear at my craft markets and wore my Threadless tees on both days. 
Saturday - Sex, Drugs & Rock-and-roll Tee
Sunday - Refresh Your Ego Tee
I sold 3 of my Echino bags. That made me so happy.
Blue Panther Mini Zip Handbag

Red Panther Crossbody Bag

Red Panther Sexy Wristlet
I sold all my zip pouches except this one. I wonder why?
Red Panther Zip Pouch
So I have 2 other Echino bags left.
Echino Fuschia Birds Crossbody Bag
Echino animals/birds crossbody bag
For the brown bag, I wondered if anyone noticed that I used brown houndstooth canvas for the handle? Took me 1 hour just to turn the handle inside out because canvas is very stiff. Ouchy. I did it while watching a TV show.

If you are interested enough to see which bags I have left in my stock, please go to

Petra from White Cottage came to visit. Last weekend, her White Cottage partner, Janet came by. Why don't they come together? I was sad Sally from SalangCreation did not sell because she was just next to me the previous weekend and we can yak all day. But she came by to say hi. But I have my dear Vivien to talk to. Plus, she feeds me!  Her girl Amelia sells costume jewellery and owns fabric co - an online fabric shop. Check it out dear fabric lovers. She's giving a discount. Oh, my sister, Elaine came too. And she bought my stuff! She's always showing support for my bags and I'm so grateful for that. Family love. I saw a few repeat-customers who came to buy my bags. I really appreciate the effort. I felt touched.

I shall leave you with this funny (at least I think so) photo of me. Hope it makes you laugh.
See you in my next post.


antmee said...

You sold a lot! I love those Echino crossbody bags. That fabric is fabulous. Hopefully you get to have a small break this Christmas before you have to make some more stock.

Merry Christmas

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