Thursday, December 30, 2010

Little Dragon Dumplings

On 19th December 2010, as I packed up my stuff at Iluma Christmas Arts Market, all I wanted to do was sleep and sleep. So last week I did a lot of sleeping. Indeed I slept till my hips hurt, literally. When your hips hurt from sleeping too much, you know you've exceeded your sleep quota! So I started sewing again. I really wanted to get my stock up to a decent level again and so I started with my Perfect-size Lunchtime Pouches. (easiest to make)
Little Dragon Dumplings!
If you're Chinese or has eaten Chinese food, you would have eaten xiao long bao which literally means little dragon dumplings. Yay! My pouches look like food.

During my early days of sewing, matching fabric and colours took up such a big chunk of my time. I'm happy to say that experience does count because nowadays I have developed some matching instincts. I made a total of TEN pouches.
Toy story aliens
Check out the bottom!
Animal prints
Red Elephants
Pink Elephants
Green Polka Dots
Anything polka dots are hot, I've discovered. I ordered a bunch of Michael Miller's polka dots fabric recently and guess what? Everything I ordered was sold out! I really prefer small dots like the one in the pouch above. The bigger dots freak me out a little. Am I weird? Sorry, don't answer that.
For this pouch, I made it with a little brown trim - you know, just to make it interesting for me.
Serendipity or flower-flower
Ticking Stripes
If you're wondering, ticking is just upholstery cotton.
I have discovered Junko Matsuda's Taupe. If you're into the antique look, you will like this fabric. I do, but so hard to find in Singapore!

This week is the last week of the school holidays. Even though I am technically well-slept, I do dread school reopening on 4th Jan as I don't like to wake up at 5:45am. It's too early. It also means I can't sleep late anymore. I can sew really super well from 11pm to 2am. It's probably due to the lack of distraction.

This last week of school holidays is as always spent doing the last minute tasks. Like getting hair cuts for the kids. Like buying new school shoes. Like buying stationery. My home is like a mini stationery shop but there's always something else the kids need. This means me and the kids have been braving the crowd because everyone else has left the same tasks till the last week.

This week is also the week where I wean the kids off too much computer and TV time. Limiting their access has resulted in them bartering housework for more access. I'm such a lazy parent that I have caved in to some bartering. I mean, they're willing to vacuum and mop the floor! Plus fold the clothing and put them away. So don't feel sorry for me next week when my kids suffer from withdrawl symptoms. See you.


Little Blue Mouse said...

You've been very productive with all the pouches you've made, I really like the polka dots too.

5:45 IS too early to be getting up, especially for school. What time does school start?

jane p said...

@Little Blue Mouse
School starts at 7:30am. We walk to the MRT station at 6:30am which is the plan but usually end up leaving only at 6:40am. My kids take the train for 1 stop and transfer to a bus in order to get to school.

tamdoll said...

Your fabrics are always fantastic- love those pouches.

My kids have been glued to the television during the school vacation, also. They're expecting it to go off starting Monday and I've been too lazy to enforce restrictions this past week. I WISH I could have gotten them to do more chores to trade for tv time!

Good luck getting back into a routine, I always find 11pm - 1am the best, most quiet time to work, also. (Except I'm usually too tired to see clearly and end up working twice as slow than if it hadn't been so late.)

Little Blue Mouse said...

That's a very early start. Over here school starts somewhere between 8:45 and 9am.

antmee said...

5:45am! Ouch! I will never whinge again! My kids have home group before class at 8:50am. They dress themselves and I give them money for lunch (since high school as sick of throwing out uneaten food). If i don't have work i dont even get dressed. Maybe trackies. Just drove for 10 mins and drop off. Then six hours of bliss. Thats when I am more productive. Mornings when I am alone! The hardest part is choosing housework vs sewing! lol

You have found some great fabric! Just the type I would love to get my hands on! The pouches look so cute and I can't choose my favourite!

Name : Wendy said...

Hi Jane!

These 'Xiao Long Bao' are so cute! Hope able to get down to Red Dot this weekend!
Happy New Year to you!! :-)


jane p said...

@Wendy! How nice to hear from you again. Hope to see you at red dot.

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