Monday, December 13, 2010

Iluma Christmas Arts Market 11th - 12th December 2010 Post-Mortem

My dear friends,
If you haven't heard from me for a while, don't worry. I'm still alive. Maybe I feel a little tired, but I'm very much alive. Okay, I confess. I'm dead tired. OMG, I'm so, so exhausted. I just wanna lie down and sleep and sleep all day. I've been busy, busy, busy sewing all day long. This weekend, I was selling my bags at the Iluma Christmas Arts Market. So how did it go?

To be really honest with you, I was a little disappointed in the beginning because firstly, there weren't many sellers. Just 12 of us and we were kind of scattered around three little areas. I really wanted a cosy atmosphere where everyone is located in 1 area. But that's not my call. Anyhoo, I made the best of what I was given.
Table on Saturday
Rack on Saturday
There was lots of space for me to display my bags. I kinda wished I had more to display. My kids came to help me on Saturday. They told Dad they enjoyed themselves. Yep, treated themselves to lots of food at the mall.

This past week I had been busy making bags but just didn't have the time or energy to post them. I'd like to share some of them with you today.

Do you know Etsuko Furuya? She designs such fabulous textile print. I LOVE her Echino collection. Her rich colours are not for everyone. You must LOVE colours to LOVE Echino. Her blue is bluer than blue. Her pink is so deep you can't really see the white. No grass green for this textile designer. It's Yellow Mustard-Green. I wanna lie in bedsheets made from Echino fabric. I wanna sleep on pillow cases made from Echino fabric. I wanna wear T-shirts made in Echino knits (if she EVER makes them) I wanna use her double-gauze fabric to make curtains for all my rooms. I wanna roll about..... Okay, I think that's enough visual for you.
3 Blue Panther Bags
So I couldn't find any Echino fabric in Singapore and had to order them from overseas. But so worth it! I went a little out of control and made FOUR crossbody bags all using Echino fabric. When I made the bags, I wanted something cool you could sling across your body, big enough for essentials but certainly not big enough for documents (if that's what you have in mind). I also imagined the owner of the bags would walk with a little swagger!
Blue Panther
Red Panther
Brown Crossbody (The handle is houndstooth canvas!!!)
Birds Crossbody (this bag is not for wallflowers)
Only the blue panther was sold. The selling price is $39. The 3 remaining crossbody bags will be put up for sale again next weekend at Iluma. (Yes, I'm going back!)
Curvy Blue Panther Mini Zip Handbag
Handy Blue Panther Mini Zip Handbag
I'm so loving the blue panther fabric that I made 2 more mini zip handbags which you may have noticed are my new "thing". Both bags were made to carry just a few essentials. The selling price is $19. The curvy one is sold but the other one will also be put up for sale again at Iluma.

I made some zip pouches (to pay the rent). I took pics of some and forgot to take pics of some.

Kokka patchwork
Mini Zip Pouch
Kokka Little Red Riding Hood
All my zip pouches were snatched up. Yes, the elephant ones are sold. The flower-flower ones are sold. The new ones are sold. The ones I forgot to take pics of are sold. 2 zip pouches I sold right after I put the finishing touches to them and placed them on the table!!! Gosh, I wished I had more zip pouches to sell. One of the HOT zip pouches was sold to a lady who reads my blog!!! Oh, I feel so special. She's also a seller.
mutya & jinggoy
Meet Mutya and her husband, Jinggoy. Mutya actually remembers that I love to wear my lucky Roots T-shirt when I sell at craft markets.
Mutya & Jane & her lucky Tee
In the pic, we are posing in front of her table where she sells her tullerie products. Go to her etsy store and check her out.

I think my Roots tee did its magic again because I sold a total of 22 bags and pouches!!! So yes, I had a pretty good weekend. Next weekend, I'll be back at Iluma Christmas Arts Market again. I'm crazy, right? My stock is at an all time low so I'm gonna have to sew like a mad woman once more. It'll be my last craft market for 2010 and after that I'll sleep for a few days. See you in a while.


Chris H said...

Wow you did well!
I hope you continue to do so well.
I hope also that I can sell more bags one day.

antmee said...

I really am in love with that blue panther fabric! Love the brightness of it. Perfect for your cross body bag, so no wonder it sold. You work like a work horse you really do! To make so many great bags and pouches so quickly and so well really takes my breath away.

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