Friday, December 17, 2010

My Last Craft Market for 2010

Last Sunday on the way home after my Iluma Christmas Arts Market, I felt this wave of exhaustion overcome me. I was thinking that I have ANOTHER craft market to prepare and make bags for when all I wanted was to just sleep till 2011. For a few minutes, okay hours, I actually envied those "handmade" sellers who BUY their products from overseas to sell at craft markets. You know who these sellers are from the huge amount of stock they have on their tables. But no, I soon got over the envy because I'm in this for my passion in bag-making. Although I really, really just wanna sleep till 2011.

Last week I was garang and made Echino bags I thought were cool and women would want. Turned out only 2 women were willing to splurge on them. This week I decided to concentrate on replenishing my stock. (Also, I'm aching all over and still sleepy)

First up, 3 stripey poufy drawstring pouches.

faded red/white nautical
faded blue/white nautical
taupe ticking
Next I made some cotton zip pouches with my favourite print and some remnants.
Pink MoMo
Yuwa Kitty
Michael Miller's Apples
RJR 3 little pigs
faded blue/white nautical
Robert Kaufman's birds print
 I discovered I did not sell out all my zip pouches last weekend. The Robert Kaufman's birds print was the last zip pouch standing.
Linen cotton zip pouches
This week I wanted to make some zip pouches with my linen-cotton print because I LOVE linen-cotton.
Flower linen-cotton slub
Yuwa psuedo cross stitch
Echino red panther
Yuwa polka dots
Oooh, I made a sexy curvy wristlet. I really like the shape. It took me a while to template it. Eventually, the curve looked best when I used a plate from the kitchen to draw the curves. I kept the zipper area a little curved but not too much.
Echino red panther wristlet
I have 6 perfect size lunchtime pouches left and really didn't need replenishing. But I wanted to make a new batch. I modified the casing a little and now the new batch is reversible. Plus I added beads.
Mr's March Antique Rose by Lecien
Green polka dots
Khaki polka dots
Yuwa Kitty
Michael Miller's apples
I think this is all the energy I can summon to make this week. This morning, for the first time I slept 8 straight hours and I felt really good. So I'm ready for my last craft market for 2010.

This weekend I won't be wearing my Roots lucky tee. Me hubs is scouring the net for more Roots tees for me. The one shop that sold Roots tees in Singapore closed down some time ago. So come Saturday and Sunday, I shall need some divine intervention to help me sell my bags and pouches.
Jane & her lucky tee
Last weekend at Iluma, I tried a popular drink sold at a little kiosk near where I sold my stuff.
Bubble Tea
To get this bubbly goodness, you have to join others in a long, long queue. Seriously, would you queue till the road just to get a drink? The black thingy in the milk tea is pearls, I think made of tapioca flour. Very chewy. To be honest, the drink isn't that fantastic. Just like any other ordinary milk pearl tea you can easily get elsewhere. But already I'm thinking of how to persuade my kids to queue up to get me another cup of pearl magic tomorrow! If you're in Singapore, please drop by Iluma to buy my bags and pouches. It's my last craft market for 2010! See ya.

Iluma Christmas Arts Market
18th to 19th December 2010
201 Victoria Street
Singapore 188067
12pm to 9pm both days
Nearest MRT stn: Bugis


Bethany said...

I love your work!! I think the drawstring pouches are my favorite :)

Micki said...

The pouches and purses are all so pretty!

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