Friday, December 31, 2010

This Much I learnt in 2010

It's 1am in Singapore on the last day of 2010 as I write this. Me and son just had a most satisfying supper - cup noodles. What makes cup noodles late at night so delicious beats me. So here I am on the last day of the year - tummy filled and totally sleepless. So I think I'll share with you the Top Ten Things I learnt In 2010......(Yes, I copied from Letterman)

1. You can have too much sleep.
2. You can't make-up sleep.
3. When you can't sleep, you can't sleep.
4. I love to sleep.
5. Waking up is hard.
6. There is no alternate universe.
7. Life goes on even after Law & Order is cancelled.
8. Motherhood is a nightmare.
9. Sewing is hard work.
10. Singapore will always be hot and humid.

I'm kidding, I'm kidding. That was the fake Top Ten list. Here's the real one.

Top Ten Things I learnt In 2010
1. You can never have too much stock.

2. Stock up in advance.

3. Ice-cream cures migraine.

4. Friends come and go. Good friends stay.

5. Don't just feel grateful. Show it through your actions. Especially to your loved ones.

6. People copy the stuff you make. ALL THE TIME.

7. It's a dog eat dog world. Just don't get bitten.

8. Stress affects everyone - even children. Cherish your kids.

9. You can't make everyone like you. But you must always like yourself.

10. However tough life gets, life must go on.

 I know Christmas is over but I'd like to leave you with a picture of a Santa striking a Marilyn Monroe pose found at the window display of Ted Baker in Singapore. Is it creepy? Funny? Hope I made you laugh.

Here's wishing everyone a better 2011. See you next year.


Blu said...

Creepy. That Santa is most definitely creepy!

Happy New Year!

antmee said...

I haven't copied you YET! A big yet because you make such awesome bags and I have had an itch to make something straight after/ while reading your blog! The item you made that most had me feeling like cutting and sewing was one of your simple zipper pouch. It was the denim one with a simple flower applique that you blanket stitched. I felt the joy in making that pouch and wanted to get that joy and pleasure for myself! lol

I also want to try out a rounded bottom pouch that you have been making. They look both cute and such a joy to make! (Well at least one! I think the joy might wear off after 10!!)

Micki said...

Boy, that Santa is funny! I love all of your revelations!
Happy New Year!

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