Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Return Of The Rabbits

So how did you start the New Year? I ended the year really well with a package in the mail.
These were in the package.
It was my winning from Bec Clarke Creations. This was part of the Sew Mama Sew giveaways which I'm sure many of you entered for. I'm so lucky. (easy now, no bragging) Other than the 2 MoMo charm packs, the package included 3 surprises : a print fabric with vintage-like floral and 2 scotch tapes. The scotch tapes are no ordinary scotch tapes. They have pretty images on them! I can't bear to use them.

So how did I spend my New Year? Would you believe I was sewing? If you're not Chinese, you may not know this. The Year Of The Rabbit is coming soon. Let me explain if this is new to you. The calendar you use is the Gregorian calendar. Well, we use that too for our daily lives. But we also use the Chinese calendar for festivals. So the first day of the Chinese New Year is 3rd February 2011. And that is the first day of the Year of the Rabbit which will run right up to January 22 2012. Right now, it is still the Year of the Tiger.
4-in-1 calendar
This is my calendar. It is a special calendar which the Members of Parliament in my constituency print and give out for free every year. It has the Gregorian, Chinese, Islamic and Tamil calendar all in one calendar. Amazing, isn't it? If you zoom in, you will see what I mean.

Well, so I had this idea to make rabbit zip pouches for women to put their red packets during Chinese New Year. What do you think? I made the pouches a little longer than my normal zip pouches because I noticed that some red packets are really long.
SGD18 each (lucky number)
So I was sewing these rabbit zip pouches when I stayed up to mark the New Year. My plan is to make a total of 8. (lucky number)
fabric in waiting
It seems I'm in a zip pouch mood. Look at all the fabric I cut up, just waiting to be sewn up. I've completed 2 so far. They are for my kids. My son wanted something "as plain as can be". What???
Camouflage is plain, right?
I find it impossible to make a solid green zip pouch without any details. So I went for camouflage. My son did not scream when he saw it so it meant he liked it. Besides, it looked man-man.
For my girl, it was easy. She had asked me to save this fabric for her some time ago.

I started the year with a brand new wallet. I knew my rip curl wallet was dying when it started shedding.

While I searched for a new wallet, I used my son's old super cool spiderman wallet.
The problem with the spidey wallet? Not enough compartments. I'm not a regular-size wallet person. I like my wallets long. The weird reason? I don't like my notes folded! I like my money nice and flat. Me hubs surprised me with a new wallet. It came with a $50 note. How nice! Actually I told him to put money in the wallet because when I was younger, I once received a wallet for a birthday present and it came with money. I was told you can't give someone an empty wallet. I like this custom or superstition!
This is my new wallet. Hope it lasts a few years.
So many compartments for my discount cards.
This is for the cheque book but I'm not in the habit of carrying my cheque book out. So I'm using it to keep my receipts.
And of course a big coins compartment.

The next MAAD will be held this coming weekend on 8th & 9th January. It was postponed due to it falling on New Year's Day. Once again I'll be selling my wares and despite the drastically falling sales at MAAD month after month after month, I will make an effort to make a few more new bags. Without hope, there is nothing. See you.

8th & 9th January 2011
red dot Traffic
28 Maxwell Road
Singapore 069120
11am to 7pm both days


Little Blue Mouse said...

I love the rabbit pouches, especially the last one where the white flower is just right for the fluffy tail!
Dare I ask what red packets are?
We also have the tradition of giving a purse with money in - so that it is never empty.

jane p said...

@Little Blue Mouse
Red packets are red envelopes which are used to contain money given during weddings and Chinese New Year. The colour red symbolizes good luck so you can't turn down red packets!

Kandi said...

I love your new wallet! It's tradition in our family that you can't give a purse or wallet without putting money in it too, it has to be silver though, so usually a 50p coin.
I love thr fabric your daughter wanted for her pencil case! Happy New Year!

tamdoll said...

I love reading your posts, they're always so interesting. So many things going on.

You are some lucky woman. Of course, if I entered a contest or two, maybe I'd be lucky, too. ... Congrats on the nice fabrics! Your pouches are once again, fabulous. Good thinking to plan ahead for holidays that are coming up - I am working on that for this year, to be better prepared!

I like your calendar with all the dates on it, I have so much trouble keeping track of things like this. In addition to the civil, Gregorian calendar, also have a Jewish calendar at home with lunar months, the new year starts in September and it's so confusing. Add the school calendars for two different schools and it adds even more fun to the mix. For some reason, the school vacation dates don't seem to fall on any holidays or make much sense to me.

And, last but not least - I agree! A wallet with money inside is a perfect gift!! A good trend to continue.

antmee said...

Lucky Winner! Congrats. I know you will put the fabric to good use.

Love the bunny pouch. The fabric and denim go well together.

We also have the money in wallet gift tradition. Except it is silver coins. Silver coins are also the traditional gift given to new born babies as it is said to bless them with wealth and prosperity.

by night said...

you did indeed start the year sewing! You just cen't help yourself, can you? ;-))
I love those pouches you made - again... ans hope the 2011 editions of MAAD will be much better than any 2010 one ;-)

Chris H said...

YOur new wallet is really lovely! Your hubby has good taste. The $50 was a nice touch too.

Chris H said...

Oh and I was sewing on New Year's Eve too!

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