Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The One Wooden Ring Bags

This week (and it's only Wednesday) I completed a total of ONE bag and that's a big accomplishment because it's not one of those drawstring or zip pouches which one can spit out in an hour or so. This is a REAL bag with handles and pockets (3 total) and zippers and all.
Yes, it's the return of the One-Wooden-Ring bag. This time in red and white nautical.
This bag is all about the one-wooden-ring. Without the one-wooden-ring, it's just like any other ordinary bag.
I used recessed zipper once again.

I was wondering what I could do differently with this bag design the next time I work on it.
I've done cross-body with recessed zipper.
I've done cross-body with flap.
I've gone multi-colour with recessed zipper and shoulder length.
I've gone vintage with recessed zipper and shoulder length.

I think I should tinker with the zipper bit and not do it recessed the next round.

Oooh, today I went for my very first 2011 jog. Since the icy weather swept thru' Singapore, I had not pespired once. Being used to feeling hot and sweating on a regular basis, not sweating really bothered me. I know it's silly and me hubs has teased me before. So, craziness aside, after I dropped my girl off at the Chinese language centre for her enrichment class in the evening, I saw that it was sunny! What better way to bring out the sweat than a good ole jog. So I put on my jogging gear (adidas black and red shoes, a hanky tied round 1 wrist, a tiny bag containing my phone, money and keys) and headed for the park where the jogging tracks are. The problem with jogging so close to dinner time was by the time I reached the park, I was starving to death! But I was determined to sweat and managed to jog slow-mo style at least 2.5km. I don't know how I did it. After just 100m, I was huffing and puffing. I'm so out of shape. The good news? I sweat up a storm. Yay! Never felt so happy sweating. Good nite and I know tomorrow I'm gonna ache all over.


Bethany said...

You're right--that one wooden ring makes all the difference!
Hope you're not too sore :)

*Tea said...

aha... it will be a good ache... i just started running again too after it got a little bit warmer here. and i am feeling so much better now although everyday my body still aches somewhere... :D

Yay for stripes and polka-dots bags!! and totally agree with bethany about the wooden ring :)

antmee said...

I need to sweat too and have my heart racing as well or else I feel I am not exercising enough! No pain, No gain!

I love your one wooden ring bag. It looks good in so many different fabrics!

tamdoll said...

Your bags are always so great. They almost make me want to get off the computer and start sewing. Almost. It's much more fulfilling for me to enjoy the pictures than to try to clean my desk and try to work!

Hope you weren't too sore from jogging - it must be nice to get outside! I have to go to the gym or in my house until all the snow melts, I'm not brave enough to walk outside now while it's so icy. It will be months before I can do that again! Now I'm reminded that I have to go exercise, too.

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