Sunday, January 9, 2011

January MAAD 2011 Post-Mortem

I didn't want to do January MAAD. But I had already committed to do 6 continuous months and so I have to do it. You know I feared January MAAD would be quiet. I knew it would be quiet. I expected it to be quiet. But to actually live thru it, minute by minute was quite torturous. Yes, darn it. It was quiet. The die-hards came. I'm grateful. Without the die-hards, what would happen to us? The portrait painters came but they're just browsers. A few of my friends came. Thank goodness for friends! My SIL came too! Thank goodness for family! Still, minute by minute, second by second. Just picture it.

My sales went down. No surprise. What a way to start the year! 2011 sucks already. I only managed to sell 11 bags & pouches. A big chunk of the money I made went to rent. I'm so OVER working hard to feed the landlord.

My table on Saturday
My table on Sunday
My rabbit zip pouches did not sell like hot cakes like I wished for. I have 3 left.
Lucky red
Pink Rabbit
Purple Rabbit
To make myself feel better, on Sunday, I treated myself to a nice breakfast at Weng restaurant.
Breakfast tea
While drinking my tea in the restaurant, I realised I was the only customer. Deja vu. It's not just red dot design museum. The whole area is dead on weekends. Btw, take a look at the cup. Do you agree it's OVER DESIGNED? It's very hard to drink tea from this cup.
Dumplings noodles
My lunch came from the same restaurant. In the evening, I took my kids to the same restaurant for dinner! So all my meals on Sunday came from Weng restaurant. You know what? I think I'm done with the dumpling noodles for a while.

Sunday was torturous. Me and my nap were in a wrestling match. Sometimes it won. Sometimes I won. Sometimes it was a tie. (you know when you nod off for a second and then jerk awake? that's a tie)
I stared at the ceiling lights to kill time.
I stared at the air-conditioning unit to kill time.
I stared at the floor to kill time.
I stared at the giant doll installation to kill time. Its big head walked into my head once and gave me a headache!
I stared at my children to kill time.
I stared at the empty tables to kill time. (some sellers forgot to show up)

It didn't work. You can't kill time. (I learnt that the painful way in 2010) I  sure don't look forward to February MAAD. And hey, the next time I tell you I'm paying upfront to sell at this-or-that place 6 months in advance, please, please scream at me. Good nite.


Little Blue Mouse said...

What a shame it was so quiet, I know how time drags when you've nothing to do. The worst is knowing what you could be doing if you were at home and not stuck there. Another time could you take some sewing with you, so at least you were being productive?

Try a bit of positive thinking - expect it to be busy!
I agree about the cup, the handle looks very awkward to use.

Jenny said...

Hope sales pick up soon, love your sense of humour though!

Kandi said...

Oh no, but it can only get better. Lots of people start the year with plans to be more careful with money and hence stay home, that will soon wear off though and they will be back. I love the tie breaks you have with sleep I have them too! You made me giggle.
Kandi x

Chris H said...

I know how THAT feels! Hours can truly drag when you have nothing to do! Sorry it was such a flop.

by night said...

I am so sorry I am so far and can't come kill some time with you in February ;-)

antmee said...

Well thank goodness for your sense of humour! I hope the poor turn out is just the cold weather and post Christmas debt and not some global financial crisis rerun! Retailers are complaining in Australia of poor sales. They blame the internet for online shopping but I think cost of basic living has sucked up all surplus cash of the Aussie battler!

LT said...


Are you popping up anywhere else in January? Or when is your next one in Feb?


jane p said...

@LT I've not booked any craft market for rest of Jan yet. But I'll be selling at red dot design museum from 12th to 13th February. p.s. your email isn't linked to your blogger profile so I can't reply you via email.

tamdoll said...

Jane, After reading your post, I pictured a clock with a knife in it.

Sorry to hear things didn't go as well as you planned at the event ... but... you did sell 11 bags and pouches already this year! To me that's a lot.

I hope the next event is much, much better!

Micki said...

I hope that your sales picks up quickly,as I can see you are so disappointed.

Dee said...

Oh I so know what you mean. For a while I was selling my embroidery and was lucky if I sold enough to pay the rent (and forget about my time with the needle).
I "killed time" by doing more needle work and making the time a bit more productive. Can you do a few of your cute embroideries to turn into bags later? It may help with the boredom.

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