Friday, January 7, 2011

My England Is Not So Powderful

Writer/Rabbit pouch owner
Remember the rabbit zip pouches I made? Sylvia Toh snagged the red rabbit version. If you're from Singapore, you'll know her as Paik Choo, the author of Eh, Goondu! and Lagi Goondu! If you're not familiar with Sylvia, she's really the guru of Singlish. Singaporeans are not native English speakers. With English, Malay, Chinese and dialects thrown together, it's no surprise Singlish evolved. My favourite Singlish expression is of course "England is not so powderful". England really means English while Powderful is a deliberate mispronunciation of powerful. You use this expression when you want to make fun of someone's poor command of spoken English.

Recently Sylvia had her 2 books reprinted as The Complete Eh, Goondu! (goondu means moron).
 I got an autographed copy.
I made 5 more rabbit zip pouches for keeping red packets.
Deep purple
Lucky red
gimme sexy, gimme dots
I like making my mini zip handbags and for this one, I used yuwa linen cotton polka dots. The only part I dislike about making this bag is the handles. They are narrow and hard to turn inside out.

Today is Friday and for me Friday couldn't come soon enough. I got really tired of waking up at 5:45am and I could feel my body slowly breaking down. Today in particular, I felt really old. Firstly, I felt so cold thru'out the morning I had to wear a sweater even when I'm home. For crying out loud, Singapore is just 1ยบ22´ north of the equator! Then while still wrapped in my sweater, I went to lie down for ONE minute. Who was I kidding? I woke up 2.5 hours later! In my defence, I did not take a nap. The nap took me.

8th & 9th January 2011
red dot Traffic
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Bethany said...

"the nap took me." Love it!!!

Kandi said...

You have been rattling thouse pouches out so fast, I'm really impressed. I love that "England is not so powderful" :)
Kandi x

Micki said...

Love all of them! The rabbits are so cute!

antmee said...

Great post! I was inspired by your pouches, impressed by the author buying one of your pouches and amused by your nap! I really had a good time reading your post!

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