Monday, January 17, 2011

The Barang-Barang Bags

It feels wrong to gripe about how cold Singapore is when elsewhere in different parts of the world, people have lost lives in the recent flooding. So no, I won't complain. Besides not sweating at all in this icy cold weather isn't really that bad compared to feeling hot most of the year. The weather does feel wrong this year, doesn't it? I mean if hot and humid Singapore becomes cold, how much colder it must be for other countries in the colder climate. So my friends, wherever you are, stay warm, stay safe.
I have gone back to basics and made a few bags using the "front zippered pouch" style. A while back I wrote a little tute on how to make a front zippered pouch and so if you fancy making one for yourself, go to my little tute here.

I'm calling these pouches I made The Barang-Barang Bags. Barang-barang refers to personal properties or what I call "all my stuff".
So I wasn't kidding. You could stuff plenty into this pouch. I managed to stuff 2 novels inside.

Still using the "front zippered pouch" style, I made the next one into a sling barang-barang bag.
The most interesting part about this bag is the pleats used to create depth. If you're killing yourself trying to figure out how it's sewn, you can rejoice because I have another tute that explains the technique. Go here. It's not really step-by-step but many people have used it and understood.

The last bag is really a repeat of the polka dot sling bag except this time I use a skulls and roses print.
Yes, I know it is a little hardcore. Even I felt a little creeped out cutting the fabric! Me hubs said most women don't like skulls the way I do and wonders if anyone would buy the bag. I'll have to say that I'm not into skulls-skulls but more tattooish kind of skulls. So why on earth did I buy this rather realistic looking skulls print? Okay, I'll be honest here. I saw that it was a Alexander Henry print and once I had walked away from a Alexander Henry print and regretted it completely because when I went back, it was sold. So that's the stupid reason.
I have one other bag made which I'll show in my next post. Last week wasn't a productive week for me and the reason I'm almost too embarrassed to say is due to the cold weather. I spent every morning wrapped up like a cocoon fast asleep on the couch for a couple of hours after the kids are off to school. I was too cold to move! Never thought I would say this but hope the sun shines soon. Take care.


tamdoll said...

Your bags are great! I love the polka dot fabric. I know some teen girls that love the skulls look, so it's not unusual at all.

I have zippers and fabric lying all over my room to make some pouches, but I keep getting distracted by other projects to do them - one day I hope to catch up! When it's cold here I usually can't drive anywhere so that's when I stay home and get things done. I hope you can keep warm! Today it was -15C when I left the house & tomorrow's expected to be icy and snowy - a good day to stay in and sew! But then there's cooking and cleaning and eating and shoveling snow....

antmee said...

It's the middle of summer here in Australia and usually very hot but at the moment I am wearing warm clothing and need socks on my feet! The weather is odd and a rather unpredictable at the moment.

Great pouches! I am not a skulls fabric person but those roses on that bag are absolutely beautiful and help pretty up the bag! Some young emo goth type person will grab it for sure.

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