Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I have zip pouches coming out of my ears

Today is the first day of school. Everything went smoothly in the morning. I woke up when the alarm rang at 5:45am. The kids managed to get out of bed, wash up and get dressed. No voices were raised. Most importantly, it didn't rain. Since it was the first day of school and for my girl, the school didn't just re-located - it went from double session to single session, I expected hiccups. Nothing major happened. My girl was dismissed much later then expected due to it being first day. So she arrived home at 2pm. I was a little worried. Hopefully the school gets its act together soon! For my son, it went pretty ok except he wasn't assigned his locker. So I had to call the locker company. Oh well, first day.

It's 6pm as I write this and I'm already exhausted. I can't imagine doing this for the next 2 months. After the long, long school holidays, I had forgotten that my kids nap a lot after school. Suddenly it gets very quiet and sure enough, the 2 of them are lying flat wherever they are, fast asleep. As for me, I'm resisting any napping because I'm worried it'll spoil my sleep tonight.

Initially I had planned on "turning over a new leaf" as my girl puts it and start jogging on Monday. Unfortunately I had to go to my ENT doc to get my EN checked out. You remember all those times my eyelids, face swelled up and my nose had sneezing fits and all that smoke I inhaled? Well, they came back and bit my ass. Because I ended up with a persistent stuffed nose and ears. A stuffed ear for me is of course bad news as I already can't hear very well. Anyhoo, my ENT doc has put me on some meds which should take care of my sensitivity. You know, I wasn't borned with a sensitive nose. I was fine, really until I moved to the westesn part of Singapore when I got married. So you could say my marriage screwed up my nose. You see, me hubs lived in the west near a heavy industrial area and the air is horrifically polluted. Every day I could smell this godawful smell but strangely, the people I lived with couldn't smell anything! Me hubs explained recently in a column why he smelled nothing here.

So today I should have gone jogging but I was so sleepy! I shall try again tomorrow.

While the kids were at school, I sewed up a storm. I was really just trying to stay awake.
zip pouches coming out of my ears
You don't have to count. I made TEN!
toy story aliens
alexander henry apples & pears
retta warehine
blue/white nautical
Okay, I'm usually not into traditional Japanese fabric but I bought this one for a strange reason. I was looking for fabric with faces/figures and this one caught my eye. Actually the black colourway was the one I wanted. Unfortunately it was all out. The shop owner told me a Japanese restaurant owner had bought the entire stock to make into outfits for the crew. I was so intrigued by the story that I had to buy the red colourway. I don't know what I was thinking. I had this weird idea that I would make some bags with this fabric and maybe by some coincidence the bag owner would dine in the EXACT same Japanese restaurant and when the waitress is taking her order, she would look up and go, "eh....?". I'm funny, right?

flying pigs
kokka purple patchwork
blue momo
It's 4 days to January MAAD and I can't help but feel much apprehension. With MAAD being held on a different weekend from the norm, would enough people show up? Oh, the perils of being a seller. See ya.

8th & 9th January 2011
red dot Traffic
28 Maxwell Road
Singapore 069120
11am to 7pm both days


PootleFlump said...

Wow, you have been busy!! I love them all. x

*~kAy~* said...

Those all look great! You're so productive!

by night said...

How productive! They're all nice!
I had now idea the school year was so different in Singapore than here. I hope your kids like it there

antmee said...

I love the little purple frog pouch(the most) because they all look good!.

My nose is too sensitive too. I am always complaining about the smells coming from the teenagers bedroom. Also wet dog is not pleasant no matter haw cute the dog is! Good news is I can smell fire smoke or electrical smoke way before anyone else and have saved the house once.

PS Your husband is funny!

tamdoll said...

If you're tired and sew 10 pouches - then I for sure have NO excuse not to get productive! Your fabrics are always so nice to look at - if I ever sold enough, then I could go out and buy new stock.. until then I will enjoy the fabrics you share here.

You left me a comment about your production diary and that is a really good idea. Since it's the beginning of the year, maybe I can do that and keep track of things better. I think it will help out keeping me on track. .. but I'm the laziest bookkeeper for anything, so it will be an effort for me! Going to try it anyway.

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