Monday, January 24, 2011

The Challenge

Remember this Alexander Henry Skulls & Roses Crossbody bag I made last week? And remember I confessed how I came about purchasing the fabric? Well, the truth is, I withheld some information. You see, I didn't just purchase the Skulls & Roses fabric. I purchased it in TWO colourway! Now you understand I was really excited yet unsure about my purchase. Then I showed them to me hubs. Who said, no woman would buy a bag made in the fabric I had just bought. That made me nervous. That's why it took me over a month before I took the plunge and made the bag above.

Well, long story short. I listed the bag on Etsy on 17 Jan and it sold on 21st Jan! After my screams of excitement died down, I went to wake me hubs. (How to wait, right?) I demanded that he said he was wrong about the skulls and roses fabric. Despite his sleepiness, he raised one finger in the air and said, "I want to qualify what I said. I meant, no woman would buy a bag made in the skulls and roses fabric at MAAD."

(for the newbies, MAAD is where I sell my bags 2 days every month at red dot design museum)

Did you guys hear what he said? That, my friend, sounds like a CHALLENGE to me.
A few days ago, I had made this crossbody bag in the other colourway. I've decided I will save this bag for sale at my next MAAD which will be from 12th to 13th Feb.
I made this bag the zipper pouch method. In order to insert the handles, I did a psuedo box corner. In fact you could say the top and bottom of this bag are constructed the same way - psuedo box corners. Verdict - not exactly the most elegant way to insert handles.
I have just 2 more rounds of MAAD. That's not a lot of time to sell this darn bag. I'm getting nervous already. Geez, how did you guys let me talk myself into another challenge? Anyhoo, hope it sells at MAAD, so me hubs has to eat his words.


shoo said...

hahaha! i just saw a GIRL waiting for the mrt on the platform wearing pants in the exact same fabric! (and wondering to myself why did it look so familiar, now i know!)

it may sell, good luck! :)

-Shu Ning

Kandi said...

That fabric is really great, I prefer the second colourway and I am sure you will sell that one and hubs will be eating his words!
Good luck x
Kandi x

Micki said...

I love the fabric, so not surprised that it sold.

*Tea said...

haha, what a fun challenge.... BUT: i have to agree, i am with your hubs *sprint*
if you won´t sell on MAAD i am pretty sure it will go out on etsy though :D

antmee said...

No worries mate! That bag will sell like hot cakes too! It looks pretty awesome from here.

Chris H said...

Silly man! I am sure you will sell it at MADD! It's funky!

by night said...

I hope it works! But if it doesn't you can be sure it will be sold on your etsy shop!
I am always impressed with the variety of shapes you give to the bags you make!

Chris H said...

Sorry for assaulting your sensibilities with me boobs!
You must have realised by now that I will blog about just about ANYTHING! lol

Off to bed now as it's nearly 11pm on thursday night. Have a nice evening.

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