Sunday, February 6, 2011

Back To Life

You know what I like best about the Chinese New Year? When it's over. Because that's when shops and businesses start to re-open and it doesn't feel like the country is dead. Some businesses shut for as long as two weeks! My family has been surviving on instant cup noodles, cereal and pumpkin seeds. Yes, this year I forgot to stock up. I forgot something else too. I did not buy Mandarin oranges - you know, to give to the hosts of the homes you visit. I'm not even sure if I ever bought Mandarin oranges. Somehow, year after year, they magically appear in my home. This year - zero. My girl was a little annoyed because she feels uncomfortable not following tradition.

I always feel claustrophobic in the days following Chinese New Year. Like a caged animal. It's probably due to having spent time with people you meet once a year, people you've never met in your life and probably never will again and having to make meaningless small-talk with people you barely know. I remember one year I was trapped into a long, boring one-sided conversation with my husband's relative and the boringness of it still haunts me. This year I made sure I kept my eyes low - no eye contact. Not gonna get trapped again. Chinese New Year is all about renao which means lively, bustling with noise and excitement all of which I run away from. I am a reluctant Chinese. Sometimes I feel so alienated from my own race.

I have a bag to show you. I made it end Jan. It is sold!
I made a Houses One Wooden Ring Shoulder Bag. I modified the template a teeny bit - made the flap larger.
Oh, I included some red inside the bag for good luck! Next weekend, I'll be back at MAAD to sell my bags.


Anna said...

It's interesting to hear about Chinese New Year. I wonder how many cultural traditions would continue if it wasn't for the women in families keeping them going? Love the bag, by the way.

Chris H said...

Sad you don't enjoy the festivities... but I do understand... boring conversations are the pitts!
Yaaa for selling that bag...and good luck at MAAD.

antmee said...

I feel that way about Christmas! I use to love it and would be as excited as everyone else but for some reason Christmas has gone flat for me and I have no motivation to organize decorations, food, tree, presents and its all a big stress event. I feel quite happy when its over!

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