Monday, February 14, 2011

Love & Other Distractions

So how was your weekend? Mine was pathetic. As you may know, I spent the weekend at red dot design museum. Just when you thought things couldn't get worse, it could.

It feels pointless to talk about how boring it was killing time. Or how the MAAD regulars appeared to have abandoned us. Or how there were 4 empty tables adding to the gloom. Or how I only sold 3 items on Saturday. Or how I sold zero items on Sunday. So pointless. So I won't talk about it.

The look on the dog's face sums up my mood.

Instead I'll tell you what I did to fight off sleep. Because as I discovered, when you got nothing much to do, you fall asleep quite easily.

The first thing I did was drink expensive coffee. Not that I wanted to pay $6.20 for a "tall" cup of coffee but I was too lazy to walk 15 min to get a 80c coffee. It didn't work. In fact, it put me to sleep.

I read Shutter Island. It didn't work. It shuttered my eyes.

What did work was I thought of all the words I couldn't SAY to another human being.
I can't say Awesome. I can write Awesome. Just can't say it. I can say COOL though.

I can't say IT'S ALL GOOD either.
I get goose bumps just hearing it said by someone else.
But I can write It's All Good.
Actually I can say It's All Good in a mocking way, but only to me hubs.

I can't say AT THE END OF THE DAY either.
But I can say At The End Of The Freaking Day.

So that kept me awake. Most of the time.

Remember Funan Weng Restaurant which I discovered served breakfast on weekends near MAAD? On Sunday morning I discovered I couldn't enter the restaurant and was trying very hard to force open the door when the waiter came to inform me the restaurant was not open for breakfast on weekends anymore. I was crushed. But it gave me a giggle thinking how crazed I must have looked trying to break into the restaurant.

Here are some random photos.

I'm kidding. This is Ellen, my blog reader - here to pick up her Houses Bag.

And my musketeer, Jon came to visit.

And he brought fabric from his sister. I want to say AWESOME. hehe

Today is Valentine's Day. No, I did not receive any gifts from me hubs. Yep, he kept to our agreement not to do Valentine's Day. I guess I was swept away by all the commercial hype and this morning when I went to the library to return my overdue books, I saw this hulky looking boy holding a single rose waiting for his date. So sweet. (only if the girl likes him) And when I didn't get any gifts when I came home, I felt a little sad. Okay, I confess. I felt very sad. I know it's silly but I was thinking out of 365 days, there's this ONE day set aside for your loved one to give you something and he chooses not to.... Oh, where's Johnny-boy when I need him most?

Oh, there's a happy ending. When me and the kids went for dinner, I opened the letter box and guess what arrived?

Remember the Sashiko thread I ordered from a US store in Oct LAST YEAR which I never received? In January, I made a final attempt to contact the seller and guess what? My package was returned to the seller as they had written the address wrongly. So the seller sent it back. And how nice of her to send by Priority Mail!

This was the original package. Just look at it. It looked like an engine had swallowed it and spat it out.

Good thing the thread is encased in plastic. Because I see ashes....

Yes, I'm deliriously happy. The Sashiko thread saved the day!

At the end of the day.
It's all good.


ByNightCreations said...

poor Jane! what an awful weekend. I did think about you once or twice and wondered how it was going... now I know... at least it was the last one, wasn't it?

Bethany said...

Isn't that so disappointing? my first craft show was like that. People just walked through barely looking at anything that anyone had. As we had paid for our spaces everyone was congregating and saying how they were hoping just to earn their table fee back.

That thread got lost for a reason--so you'd have a happy Valentine's package to open :)

Chris H said...

So sorry MAAD didn't go well.. maybe next time it will be better.
We don't do Valentine's Day either... and yes, sometimes I feel a bit sad too.
Yaa to your cottons arriving eventually.
AWESOME even! lol

Micki said...

What a terrible weekend, but that thread is just gorgeous, so that was your bright spot.

Unknown said...

Oh Jane, you bring light to the darkest of days - I laughed out loud at your 'words' - I am the same - I can't say 'awesome' either, being a stiff upper lipped Britisher, but I love to write it.

I can't say 'cute'. Ever. It makes the inside of my elbows itch! (I find it pretty tricky typing it too!)

Sorry the show was such a bummer - and love the idea of you trying to break in for breakfast :)

Hoorah for the Sashiko thread ...

antmee said...

Thanks for the laughs! I love your restaurant adventure!

My son told me I sound stupid saying awesome, epic fail, wick etc, so now I say them all the time. Especially in front of his friends! My son has grown up now so I suppose I should too now! lol

My daughter told me yesterday about a new word the teens are using. DOPE it supposedly means SWEET! I wont be saying it though! lol

Sorry your weekend was disappointing, I think the global financial crisis is still happening. The economists say its over but I say that is only for the banks and big business. The little people of the world are still struggling. eg the masses.

My name is Cindy said...

You are funny, I have been giggling reading your posts. I am one of those dreadful people who says all those words - well, never mind... My OH and I also do not 'do' Valentine's day, but yeah, sometimes it does seem sadder not to join in than get carried along by all the hype. Your bags are gorgeous (even awesome). Thanks so much fro dropping in to see me at OWOH Cindy #487

tamdoll said...

I'm sorry to hear your weekend didn't go well! I think I'd be drinking coffee and eating and snacking to stay awake.
I had a disappointing Vday, too.. on one hand, it's silly to wait all year for one day, but on the other hand -it's like you said, when you see all the effort everyone else is going to, it's a little sad! Good thing you got that package though.

I've been "out of it" and a little sick, but started working on a bag today, so came to your blog first for inspiration. Thanks for always being online!

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