Thursday, February 24, 2011

Are You Someone Who Hits or Punches In The Name Of Friendship?

Another odd week in Singapore in terms of weather. It's really hot all day and then it rains like crazy in the evening. A few days ago, it flooded near my home. My girl and I were walking on the flooded sidewalk and at one point, I heard fear in my girl's voice. Life is so unpredictable. Flood, hurricane, earthquake.

Making needlebooks did me good because it gave me the motivation to make a few wristlets for my next craft market. If you've read my disastrous Feb MAAD, you might be curious to ask if that was my last MAAD. It's not. March MAAD will be my last MAAD. Actually, I'm going a little mad just thinking I've to go thru' another weekend of killing time. Anyhoo, just an update. I've signed up for Iluma Art Market which will be held in mid March. So that means I need to stock up.

These are my fave zip pouches to make for the moment. I used the fabric me bud, Jon's sister got me. This is a linen print. Have you ever noticed how much stronger and heavier linen is when it's wet? Remember never to wear linen when going on a cruise!

I think I rocked this wristlet.

This is another fabric from Jon's sis. It is heavy cotton and the print reminds me of henna embroidery.

I think I rocked this wristlet.

This one's same ole red/white wristlet. Should appeal to the age group of 14 to 28.

I think rocked this wristlet too but the sun died on me so I could not take another pic!

Lately I've discovered changes in me which maybe crept up on me without me noticing. See, all my life I've been wary of women who have the tendency to hit you, slap you or punch you whenever they have a conversation with you. And they do it to be friendly.

I used to work with this woman who hits/slaps/punches/pinches you when:
  • you get her
  • she gets you
  • you say something funny
  • you say something serious
  • she wants your attention
I was terrified of her. And quite bruised.

Recently, much to my horror I discovered that I hit/punch when someone says something funny. Me hubs is often the victim of my hits and punches because he's a funny guy. Jon became a victim in Feb MAAD. How did I become this way? Luckily I don't laugh easily so apart from me hubs, everyone of you is quite safe.

I've noticed that some women are the complete opposite. i.e. they don't hurt you when you're just telling them a joke. Instead, they grope you. Like, ever feel like you're being hit on when all you're doing is making conversation? These women stroke your wrist, your arms and sometimes they place their hands on your knees, thighs i.e. if you haven't cleverly covered your legs with thick armour. Please tell me this has happened to you too because I don't want to think it's just me.

In my last post, I showed you the brilliant feet-mop me hubs bought.

Today, much to my delight, I found a hand-mop in my kitchen. Great minds think alike! It seems a while ago, I must have thought a hand-mop was the greatest invention ever and bought it. It has since become part of my kitchen decor. You know, nothing beats cleaning like a piece of rag.

See you soon.


Bethany said...

YES!!! I have a cousin who, when she's talking to you, is about two inches from your face, stroking your hair and practically sitting in your lap when all you're saying is something simple like "I went to the store for milk." I'm not touchy-feely at all, so this really makes me uncomfortable :)
And yes, you rocked those wristlets--I love 'em all!

Little Blue Mouse said...

No, I think it's just you (and Bethany ^)!

Chris H said...

Ahhh yes, I hit people sometimes when they are being silly, cheeky etc!
I even slapped my Dr on his shoulder one time too! He thought I was funny ... luckily!
All those wee wristlets are so cute.

tamdoll said...

First of all, I love the shape of your new bags!
And yes, I'm familiar with the hitting, touching type of people.... I don't do it myself, I tend to be 'hands-off' and think I give that vibe a lot (I'm not the huggy kissy type either).

I've seen those hand mops online before, but never in person. I think it would be handy to clean floors with them on my feet!

Micki said...

Your bags are so cute, and the feet mop are adorable. I never saw anything like that!

arkmetal said...

Hi Jane, your work is really cool and i like the fact that you go to the trouble of hiding the seams. I like to do the same with my welding beads. The little black crow digs the bag she purchased from you. It is the first thing she looks for when leaving the house these days. Thanks for checking out Arkmetal.
P.S. I like the chewy gum lark!

antmee said...

I did slap my hubby once. There was a mosquito on his butt! It's true! There was one. I swear!

Your pouches are a beautiful shape! As usual you have used fabulous fabric and they all look awesome!

Dee said...

Yep those wristlets totally rock!
I loaned my little black evening bag to my eldest daughter and it has never come back. It didn't particularly bother me and I didn't chase it up. just before Christmas I was going to a work party and needed an evening bag. I have a lovely little black one... just not here and my choices were to go without or to see if I could find a 'cheap' one the afternoon of the party as I had a bit of time between finishing work and going to the party. (yes it is sad that I only own one evening bag, but hey it has worked for me this far...)
anyhoo. I ducked into a department store and saw these cute little silver wristletts which are similar to the ones you have made (but not anywhere near as cute.) It was on special for $8 and since that was about all I was prepared to pay I snaffled it. It turned out to be perfect for a party. I didn't have to hold onto it or risk losing my lippy, keys, cash, cards and assorted girly stuff that is just plain essential. I had never seen that sort of an evening bag before (yeah i don't get out much) and it worked so perfectly. Now I just have to guard it from the three teens and hope that I still have a little evening bag for the next time I need one. ... of course I could treat myself to a cute Jane-bag ;)
I work with a touchy lady who is always slapping when I or anyone says anything funny. It is interesting the ways that folks respond/react. I try to not stand the closest to her.

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