Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The N Word

Hello people!

How are you? Last week I was feeling really good. I started sewing pouches again and best of all, me hubs brought home a gift for me.

You might know I have "a thing" for containers. So I was over the moon when me hubs took this gorgeous metal tin out of his bag. It used to contain cookies (can you imagine?) and he had rescued it from the garbage bin at work. Okay, maybe he really took it from the snack table at work but somehow the idea of him digging thru' the garbage for me sounds so romantic.

Yes, I washed it and now it is where I keep all my sashiko thread.

I was really feeling energized and wanted to make many, many wristlets but was derailed by a thundering migraine. Do you suffer from migraine? I haven't had one since my Open Doors experience and that was quite a long time ago. So it took me by surprise. I often forget how painful migraines are. I especially hate the ones which come with nausea. If you are a fellow sufferer, you'll know what I'm talking about. The worse bit is not that you vomit. It's that you feel like vomiting but don't. It was totally my fault. I found myself extremely hungry and extremely cold one day in a situation where I could rectify neither. A perfect trigger for a migraine.

I've recovered. Thank you. Re-born once again. So I've managed to make a few more wristlets before my enthusiasm runs out. Here they are.

8 wristlets. Imagine how many more I could have made.

I used linen-cotton for this lot using my fave fabric. Five are made using Echino fabric.

You've met Echino Fuchsia.

You've met Echino red panther.

You've met Echino brown animals.

Now meet Echino beige birds.

And Echino sky blue peacock.

Here's a crowd-pleaser - Yuwa pseudo cross-stitch.

For the vintage lovers - Yuwa grey polka dots.

Lastly, for the romantics - roses with dots and stripes.

Lately I've been watching a lot of reality TV and I've started to notice that on 2 shows, the N word is used very frequently. Do you know paula abdul's dance show? I don't know the name but it's very similar in format to American Idol as in there's a panel of judges, there's viewers voting and there's the N word. Just watch the shows and see how many times the judges scream out "you nailed it.", "you nailed it baby!".

What's with all these nailing? I know there's another meaning to "nail". Heard it on The Big Bang Theory. I assure you the meaning is totally different.

I don't think I've nailed anything in my life. Sure, I think I did a good job but did I nail it? Not too sure about that. I've been nailed though. By a nail. Right through the sole of my foot. When I was a kid, I walked around bare-footed a lot. Never been nailed by a nail? Then you can't imagine how painful it is. Extraordinary pain. I remembered how my sisters tried to comfort me after. They boiled green beans soup for me. In fact, whenever I am injured, (and I was rather accident prone) my sisters would boil green beans soup. Till today, whenever I smell green beans soup, I would feel that everything is okay.

Lastly, I'll be selling my bags at my LAST maad this weekend. Woo hoo.

5th to 6th March 2011
red dot Traffic
28 Maxwell Road
Singapore 069120
11am to 6pm both days

I'll see you guys soon.


Bethany said...

Oooo I LOVE the pseudo cross-stitch bag! I get migraines too, always with nausea. I want to vomit but I never do. I had my first when I was about 13--I puked and immediately felt better. I later read that it triggers some hormone in your body that relieves the headache. Now I just have to deal with it and the light sensitivity (ugh!!!). I find that hunger and bright sunshine (along with hormones) are my triggers. Fun stuff.

Sherry Edwards said...

Hi Jane, I think you've totally nailed the making of perfect little wristlets - lol. They look fab - I think the 'crowd pleaser' cross stitch one is my favourite. Good luck with your sales!

antmee said...

no I have never been 'nailed' either! I have been 'hammered' at times, mostly when I was younger!

Chris H said...

Those wristlets are so darling.
I have had migraines... as you say, not nice.

BUSIR said...

your Husband is very thougtful,your lucky ,I love the box.Y.S

byRaquel said...

Hi Jane, I loved their purses and bags, I also like to make handbags. Hugs

Justina said...

Hey ! That's my lunch bag !! The "Yuwa grey polka dots" wristlet. I would love to get the "roses with dots and stripes" one if its available.

jane p said...

Hello @Justina. I'm guessing you're my niece. The roses with dots and stripes was snapped by long ago. The fabric is also not available anymore. You have a good eye. That's a nice fabric.

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