Monday, March 21, 2011

Iluma Art Market 19th to 20th March 2011 Post-Mortem

Hey you,

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Btw, thanks for all the wonderful comments in my last post. I unearthed a couple of former lurkers. Yay!

Sarubobos display to amuse the crowd

As some of you who live in Singapore may know, Iluma has changed ownership and with that in mind, I went with the possibility that this could be the last time I sold at Iluma. I had pretty good memories of selling at Iluma with only 1 disastrous outcome. So over the weekend when I sold at Iluma, I kept a positive mind and I'm so happy it worked out. My total sales? 28!!!

I was a little absent-minded and forgot to take pics of a few people who came by. Here are the ones I remembered.

Meet Cindy. I know her from red dot design museum. Love her hair!

Meet Weng. This guy feeds me! And he made 1 sale for me!!!

Meet my little nephew. This is the effect I have on little kids. That's why my career as a kindergarten teacher was short-lived.

Meet Batman. That's my BIL. Early last week I saw him and mentioned I would be selling at Iluma. He said he would come by and he did!!!

Meet moi. I had a hard time posing for this pic seeing how I had to resist the rabbit ears and the tilting of the head hehe.

Have you heard? I went into the rompers business. This is a teeny little project I'm doing with my younger brother. I'll list them in my catalog soon. I discovered rompers aren't hot at Iluma.

I had a little secret agenda when I sold at Iluma. Just before the 1 week school break, I attended a parent-teacher meeting at my girl's school and was told my girl lacks confidence when it comes to oral presentation. She clams up when she's with a total stranger. Seeing how the oral exam's coming up soon for her primary school final, I thought it would do her good to help me make some sales. (it's like training in oral presentation, right?) I gave her on-the-job training and let her handle the customer on her own. I'm mighty impressed. She was very good. She made a total of 6 sales. I actually saw her grow more confident right before my eyes.

On Sunday, my son managed to make 2 sales. I was watching from a distance and I was happy that he was able to handle the customers well and he even put on a smile!

So that was my little thing and since I had my little helpers man my table, me and hubs went to have our mini-date. Yes, we held hands.

We went to a red building next to Iluma for tea and guess what it's called? Can you see the sign, top left of building? Little Red Dot.

It had a rather interesting sign on the tables. No Durian! I really wanted to find out what bad experience the cafe had to include the fruit in the sign. If you've never eaten durians before, let me describe it to you. The most foul-smelling fruit on earth. But that's just me. Many Singaporeans love the fruit. I can't eat it. People have mocked me for not being able to eat it. I'm so one-of-a-kind.

Lastly I have a bag to show you. This is another crescent bag. I like it a lot but it didn't sell. I have no craft markets lined up yet so I'm gonna laze around for a while. See ya.


Chris H said...

Awesome sales, I hope that market stays so you can continue to go and sell your bags!
Durian... OMG I can still remember the smell of them! IKKKKKK MEGA IKKKKKK... !!!
My brother ate it when he lived in Singapore... I couldn't get within a foot of it without feeling like I was going to throw up! lol

antmee said...

So happy to hear you have had a successful day! Also that you and your hubby got to go on a 'date'!

Ps Your hubs makes a great Vulcan! lol

Little Blue Mouse said...

So it won't be your last Iluma after all? Well done with so many sales (obviously greatly helped by your children).
I love the sh*t happens romper - how very apt!

tamdoll said...

Congrats on all those sales, that's really fantastic. Great job for your kids, too! That's really good experience for them to be out in public like that, I'm sure it will help them in school, too.

regina said...

janeee me not likey durian also!!! and my whole fams love it, specially durian ice cream.. errghhh... hahahaha, why there's such fruit on earth:p
btw thumbs up for ur kiddos:D

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