Sunday, March 6, 2011

March MAAD 2011 Post-Mortem

Hey folks!

How was your weekend? I had a rather quiet weekend. No, just kidding. As some of you may know, I was at red dot design museum hawking my bags. I had a rather nice time actually. Surprise? Yes, it's safe to read this post. It's whining-free.

My bag display
Check out the cool thingy I bought from Ikea to display my lunchtime pouches. My little pouches really clutter up the table - this is such a space saver.

Here's me on Saturday. I wore my threadless tee. p.s. i promise not to tilt my head the next time I have my pic taken.

Oooh, I had light. I discovered lights make my bags appear more attractive. p.s. i promise not to make the peace symbol the next time i have my pic taken.

Sales was better this month - a total of 9 bags and pouches. Not great, I know but remember February MAAD? So I'm grateful.

I have 1 pic of my cutomer. This is June with her new bag. I think you've met June before. Thank you June.

This was my little workshop. I spent my free time sewing sarubobos.

My girl kept me company on Sat afternoon. She soon grew bored so I let her take photos of my sarubobos.

She took lots but most were blurry. I like this one best. It shows a child's perspective.

I took lots of photos of my sarubobos too. I made a total of 7 sarubobos until I ran out of stuffing. Sarubobos are a great way to use up your fabric remnants. If you're the DIY kind of person, you might want to try out my tutorial to make a few sarubobos to call your own.

On Sunday - today, I learnt to make Crème brûlée from Chef Shun. It turned out to be rather fun.

Here's Chef Shun with his apparatus.

I whisked! Btw, this is my very first ever cooking lesson.

I torched!

I made Crème brûlée.

That's me about to dig in. It was gooood.

Hope your weekend was good too. See you all soon.


*Tea said...

hey Jane,

i am sorry to hear you wear not satisfied with MAAD sales, at least, this month has just started :)

I wonder what this IKEA thingy is used for in others lifes? lol... nevertheless it´s a great display for the pouches!

creme brulee.... oh, i love creme brulee! yours look so perfect and delicious!

by night said...

glad to read it went pretty well after all!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane, I really like your display especially the IKEA rack for the little pouches.Itlooks very attractive! Well done for everything you did during the weekend...xx Sue from Sydney.

Chris H said...

Yaa for a successful weekend selling your bags.
What on earth are Sarubobo's????
Might google it!

tamdoll said...

Nice pictures! Glad you had more sales than before, should be encouraging for the coming year. Good thing you had some hand sewing along, must have been relaxing to do that, too.

antmee said...

Nice display stand! I like your sarubobos, they are very cute! I tried to make some once and they dont look as cute as yours. I will try out your tutorial and give them another go.

I spent part of the weekend at a friends bbq and we spent the night flicking off locusts, crickets and moths. The worst part was when one tried to climb up the inside of my trouser leg. Since they are attracted to light, I guess the sun must shine out of my .....!

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