Friday, March 18, 2011

Iluma Art Market This Weekend

I have a date with Iluma Art Market this weekend! Yes, I've booked a table and for 2 days I'll be battling the wind, the sun and the rain (if any). Yippee, another outdoor art market.

In the past, whenever I go out to sell my bags, I always wonder if it's going to be my LAST craft market. I get discouraged if the sales aren't good and start to wonder if I should keep going.

This week I have done a lot of reflection. Being in the handmade biz, I often want to be appreciated for what I do. Because I make everything I sell, I do admit I sometimes take it personally when I get negative comments or sniggers. But that means giving control to a total stranger to determine what happens to my biz. So I'm taking back the control and whatever happens, I'm gonna roll with the punches. (I've always wanted to use this expression!)

One day I will stop selling my bags. But until then, I hope you enjoy everything I make.

These are just a "few" things I made this week.

19th to 20th March 2011 (Sat & Sun)
Iluma Art Market
201 Victoria Street
12 noon to 7pm both days


NYKOLETT said...

Hai jane...i am enyoying seeing your beautiful bags,they are feast for my eyes.I wish i have the time and patience to do bags..i love all your bags.

Is it just me or....? said...

Don't give up, some people don't appreciate what skill it takes to make a bag! Lots of us do, and we love reading your blog. We done for taking back the control!


Simply Gifts said...

Great post - it is so easy to feel underwhelmed with some flippant off hand comment by a passing non-customer and go home with a low value on your own output. Personally, I acknowledge that the public is essentially a negative feedback loop, and all your happy customers and browsers are less likely to give feedback because being good at what you do is what they expect of you.
Keep the dream alive!

LT said...

Hey Jane,

I love your bags, and so do the friends that I give them to for gifts. So, don't stop making them please.


XUE said...

I hope you had lots of luck with the weather (if outdoors) & that it wasn't be too hot nor windy (yes, read yr old post!). Hope you had many sales with your wonderful sewn items. I would have like to be at this but I am too far away. As someone who sews, I don't like outdoor events for these same reasons. Plus, takes so long to set-up & take down & I have too many stuff! I prefer home sales. Have a good week. Our week starts on Sunday. Warm wishes from Dubai.

pywai said...

hi jane,

don't ever give up! you should be proud of yourself! just keep looking at the bright side so your creations will be as sunny as summer! :)


antmee said...

I think public feeback is the reason I am too scared to sell anything I make. I am way too sensitive and so I really admire your bravery! Plus, as a person who sews I can see the quality in your bags and know how much work is involved in making each item.

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