Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Matchy Matchy

Last week when I made 3 sets of matching pouches, I was not under any illusion that customers would snap up the sets. I mean, how many people would buy more than one zip pouch made out of the same fabric. In my entire short selling history, I've only come across one person.

Now I've always wondered. What makes a couple dress up in matching outfits? Recently I came across couples dressed in similar tees and jeans. One couple wore RED male version and RED female version of a polo with BABY BLUE male version and BABY BLUE female version of a brand of jeans. Is this a new trend? I don't know about you but seeing matchy matchy outfitted couples make me laugh. Madly. Like a lunatic.

I dont' get it. Why would any grown woman want to dress in the same outfit as her boyfriend? I'm making a wild guess that these aren't married couples because I can just imagine the conversation:

Wife: Honey, today we're wearing matching RED polo and BABY BLUE jeans.
Husband: Are you INSANE?

But I can imagine dating couples, especially "new love" going for it.

Girlfriend: Honey, today we're wearing matching RED polo and BABY BLUE jeans.
Boyfriend: This is so INSANE. I had the same idea.

So, I wanna know. Have you ever worn matchy matchy outfit as your boyfriend/partner/husband? And what compelled you to do so.

Me and hubs have never worn similar outfits. Its' the truth. However, he has given me tees which he has outgrown. Last week I wore one of his tees which he's still very much fond of. (without his permission) He was quite upset!

Remember this needlebook? My very first needlebook. Ever since I displayed it at craft markets, it has become a star attraction. Customers would look at it and ask me what it was. A few suggested I make a notebook cover similar to it. Anyhoo, I SOLD IT at Iluma March Art Market. This was my most exciting sale. When I made the needlebook I had no idea if anyone would buy it. I mean, how many people sew? Who knew a GUY would buy the needlebook? I'm still so happy over the sale.

So you can't be surprised I'm making another needlebook?

Thought I'd show you how I do the embroidery. I use a water soluble pen to make general guidelines of the drawing. Then I sew using back stitch. Once the embroidery is complete. I soak the linen in cold water to get rid of the ink. And that's how I do it. See ya.


Bethany said...

If a boyfriend ever came up to me with the idea of matching outfits I would definitely break up with him, haha. I also don't get why people dress identical twins the same, as though it's not difficult enough to tell them apart.

Kandi said...

I'm not at all suprised you sold that needlebook it's brilliant! Matching outfits always makes me look on people with pity, some find it sweet I just think it's bizarre!
Kandi x

Fibrenell said...

I'm so glad you've evidence of traditional needlecases making a comeback - they are so essential! Matching couples - always feel sorry for the woman who feels her man has to physically match her to show he belongs to her, but even more pity for the under the thumb man! Love your blogs Jane!

antmee said...

I just got one of those blue pens to use for marking fabric temporarily and it's brilliant! Except I have called it my 'invisible pen', and my daughter laughs when I run around muttering "I can't find my invisible pen!". Her boyfriend thought I was mucking around and my daughter had to tell him I was serious! lol

Anonymous said...

Here in the United States, it is common for married couples to dress alike. Wives buy ties to match their dresses for church and weddings. Couples wear matching shirts to casual events like street fairs, baseball games and vacations. I see what my husband is wearing to work and it helps me decide what to wear myself. Love your blog. I also make bags and sell them. Did craft shows for 15 years.

ebygomm said...

Love the fabrics

tamdoll said...

I'll tell you how the matching outfits happens in my house. We have similar taste in colors, and when we shop, end up with tops in the same shades ... then jeans or black slacks on the bottom and ... woops, same outfit. I would NEVER wear something very similar to my husband's on purpose. EVER (except maybe a coordinating tie on his part for a dress-up occasion.) Now that I think about it, maybe we look like dorks when we're both out in our red raincoats.

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