Saturday, March 26, 2011

16 Years

It's hard to believe but I've been married 16 years to the same man! Yesterday was my wedding anniversary. Where did the time go?

Before I was married, I wondered how it was possible to stay married for a long time. Well, after 16 years, I still don't have any answers. I guess one good thing is you forget. All the bad stuff. And you cherish all the good stuff. I have a pretty bad memory!

The one thing I did not bargain for after getting married is having to watch women flirt with me hubs. Since my memory is bad, I cannot remember anything that happened before this year. But two women have stood out because it happened not too long ago.

Both women work at a food court near my home. One sells beverages. The other sells wonton noodles. Me hubs told me that during Chinese New Year, the beverage lady shook his hands to wish him a Happy Chinese New Year when he went to get his tea one morning. Me? I got nothing. Not even a surly look. Since that fateful handshake, the beverage lady would greet him with a big smile and did I detect, a heaving of the bosom? Maybe I'm too sensitive. But I get me hubs his tea most mornings and so far, I have not been hit on.

One day, me hubs and I were walking home and the wonton noodles lady was walking towards us on her way home. She gave me hubs a big, big smile, a cute little wave of her hand and maybe a "hi". I don't remember. I was too shocked. Because I definitely saw her THRUST her gigantic bosom at me hubs as she walked past.

Oh the nerve. I find it so disrespectful of these women to do all this openly flirtatious gestures towards me hubs even when I'm right next to him! What's with all that heaving and thrusting of bosoms? They know I can't compete in this department because I have nothing to heave or thrust. Yes, I'm built like a boy. (Me mom did shed a tear or two over this)

Right this minute, I'm suddenly remembering another noodles lady who would giggle excitedly whenever me hubs bought prawn noodles from her. Sadly, another full-bosomed lady.

I can imagine growing old with me hubs although I shall have to find ways to deal with horny drinks and noodles ladies.

I'm remembering you're here to check out what I made so here it is:

Here's my 2nd needlebook. It looks like the first one, doesn't it? Well, the houses differ a little bit. Me hubs says I should make something similar again but not another needlebook.


Bethany said...

"Heaving bosoms." Hahahahahaha....
Seriously though....I wonder what it is with some women.

Is it just me or....? said...

Congratulations on 16 years, me and my hubs are also married 16 years this year!


Little Blue Mouse said...

Happy Anniversary!
Loving the needlebook, I can imagine Dracula living in that house.

tamdoll said...

Forget about heaving bosoms! He's married to you! For 16 years!! That picture on top is fantastic, too. You look really great and everyone look so happy.

(I say, smile and give them all back a cute "hi" when these ladies do the same to your man while you're walking with him.)

tamdoll said...

Oh, did I forget to say Congratulations in that last comment? That's great to have a lasting marriage. I like your idea - forget the bad stuff & cherish the good stuff.

by night said...

Congratulations, Jane!
And don't wory about these women. they're just being jealous!

LT said...


Some men are auntie killers. Looks like your husband is one of them.

BlackCrow said...

Happy anniversary! I'm sorry but I had to laugh, I like LT's line, 'some men are auntie killers'
Those bosoms are probably fake I wouldn't worry about it!
Tamdoll has got the right attitude.

Lovely needlebook.

My bag is wearing well, I'm surprised at how much it can gobble up!

Chris H said...

How rude of them!
I'm sure your hubby loves you JUST THE WAY YOU ARE... who needs 'heaving bosoms'? I don't like mine that's for sure!

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