Thursday, March 10, 2011

Never Lived Alone

I like to sew. Everyone knows that. But what most people don't know about me is I dislike mending. My family has learnt this thru' experience. Any holes that need mending or any alteration is automatically put on the waiting list. In the past, me hubs would nag me to death before I would, very reluctantly do whatever alteration was needed which usually took just a few minutes of my "precious time". Now he has grown weary and decided to just do the mending himself. As for alteration, I believe if he could, he would.

I'm also the kind of mom who does not feel any embarrassment if my kids walk around in clothing with holes in them. My girl would often point out holes in her clothes and suggest I mend them. I would procastinate or just put it on the "waiting list". Yesterday, a miracle happened in my home. My dear daughter asked for a needle and thread and said she would mend her clothes herself.

Just look at that wonderful sight. Head bent and feet turned up in deep concentration. I will cherish this moment forever. Yay! No more bugging from the little princess about the holes in her clothing.

She did such a good job. See where the arrow points to? It used to be a hole. I didn't even have to teach her. I think every human being is born knowing how to whip stitch. You know, just go round and round.

Okay, my son has a shirt (his school uniform) which has a nice little hole. It really bothers me hubs. With me girl's newly acquired skill, I suggested to son that he mends his shirt himself. He was of course quite against the idea. Oh, what would motivate a boy to mend his own shirt?

This week I was supposed to up my stock for my date at Iluma Art Market from 19th to 20th March. Instead I spent time watching movies. Today I watched The Resident.

It sounds like a bad movie. But I'm not very selective when it comes to movies. I mean, I LOVE Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo for goodness sake. My favourite comedien other than Steve Martin is Rob Schneider.

What attracted me to The Resident is the idea of living alone. All my life I've never lived alone. When I was young, my family was huge. When I was married, I lived with me hubs family. When I moved to my own home, I had kids. So I was never alone. During those days when me hubs was still in the reservist and had to go sailing for 2 weeks, it was me mom and mil who was more paranoid about me being alone. They would call and call. Geez, I wasn't even alone. I had 2 kids. I remember when I was still single, whenever my 3rd brother went to serve his reservist duty, I would sleep over at his home to keep his wife AND kid company. Like it's the most normal thing in the world.

I've read in some blog posts that kids in western culture leave their family homes to live on their own when they turn 18 or so. Is this true for most folks? I can't imagine my kids leaving home at such a young age. I can imagine them living with me till they get married. Gosh, did I say married? Right now, I cannot imagine my kids getting married.

Well, I think living alone can be pretty scary. Just 14 minutes into the movie, I already started hearing noises from here, there, everywhere. The Resident is really about a perverted landlord who lusts after his tenant. I was sure Hilary Swank would not do a bad movie. I mean, this is a Million Dollar Baby! Also, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, (the creep) was Uma Thurman's Accidental Husband. And I think she has good taste. (because she has such long legs) Bad taste aside, the movie has a good (creepy) moment like when Jeffrey Dean Morgan used Hilary's electric toothbrush for kicks. What I didn't understand was when Hilary was told the rent for the apartment was $3300 and she acted like it was a steal. Really? In Singapore, $3300 could get you a house, I think. And that's why most folks in Singapore live with their parents. The rent.

Nope, you didn't come to my blog to read about the movies I've watched. So here are 3 striped items I made.

Here's hoping my striped items pay the rent for my Iluma stall.

I usually have some problems matching the stripes at the seams. This is my best match to date. Hopefully I'll stop watching TV and movies long enough to make a few more items for Iluma. See ya.


Bethany said...

Great job at matching the stripes.
And you already know how I feel about moving out :) But if I had the $$$ to think that $3300 was a steal for rent I might feel differently, haha.

by night said...

I never repair any clothe either. I just hate everything that has to be hand sewn ;-) it drives my husband nuts too

Kandi said...

It pains me to mend clothing, it's like wasting time when I could be making something pretty instead! With 4 boys though I get through lots of mending.
Striped pouches are quite lovely!
Kandi x

tamdoll said...

This is funny - I'm the same way. Clothes to be mended pile up until we forget about it - even though it takes only a few minutes, I don't like to do it. Right now I have 2 pairs of pants that need hemming but instead I've been folding them up instead of doing the job right.

In my experience, most kids move away from their parents as soon as they are able to. From going hours away to college, then moving into an apartment with friends as soon as they graduate (I got married right after school so didn't take that middle step.) I think in part it's the independence that kids want to take, but also that we have so much room here to do it. I've learned my lesson though - moving hours away from my parents wasn't the best idea when I had little children, I could have used some help raising them! In hindsight, the few friends that I had who lived with their parents for years after college were wise to do so and save up money for their futures!

Chris H said...

I HATE mending too!
Stew has been nagging me to take up some work trousers of his for.... eeekkk... about 6 months! I got so far as putting them beside my chair in the lounge with the needle and cotton.... they are still waiting. lol

$3300 rent for a house in Singapore? Is that a week or month?

When my brother lived in Singapore if you owned a house you were a millionaire! We visited a family who lived in a house... it was so different .... they had servants! It felt weird to be 'waited' on by them.

Here is is normal to own your own home... and you don't have to be super rich either... but not many people here have 'servants'.

most Kiwi kids leave home around 18-20, depending on what they are doing... like going on to University or getting a job and becoming independant.
Most of my grown kids left at that age... It isn't normal here for kids to stay home until they marry that's for sure. I shudder at the thought... cos most of my older kids are not married!
They would all still be at home if that was the norm! NO THANK YOU! lol

antmee said...

I hate mending! In the beginning I patched hubbys work pants but soon progressed to keeping an eye on them when I washed them. If they looked like they needed mending I would sneak them out to the garbage bin! So naughty! lol

In the 1980s in rural Aust, a lot of country kids would finish school at 15 (year 10)and have to leave home and find jobs in the cities. (Unless daddy owned a farm)(ad you were the oldest son)

Nowdays most kids stay at school until year 12 (17/18 yrs old) and are encouraged to go to uni afterwards. City kids can stay living at home while they do this but country kids have to move out of home and relocate to the city.

I was a country girl who had to move to the city to find work after completing high school and I was only 16 and had no family and knew no one. Luckily I found a job within a few weeks and was very independant.

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