Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back To Routine

It's back to routine life. I like routine. Know why? I know where I have to be at any time of the day. Both my kids are still spending an awful lot of time in school. There's regular school in the morning. Then there's remedial classes or sports in the afternoon. For my girl, she has enrichment classes in the evening twice a week. It's quite exhausting, isn't it? Well, just thinking about it exhausts me!

It's only Wednesday and I've done quite well already. I've made a total of 5 items - 3 of which were made today.
Blue MoMo
Indigo Clover
 I made 2 more lunchtime pouches. Not that I'm lacking any!

Brown Denim Paisley Pear

This shopping bag was made out of a very light-weight brown denim with paisley pear print. People have made fun of my fabric choices in the past. I'm aware I do make some odd choices.


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I'm most pleased about the 2 zip pouches I made with the fabric left over from the Cosmo Bag. The Cosmo Bag ATE a lot of fabric and I'm so happy I could squeeze 2 pouches out of the leftovers. So what did you make this week?


Ruth said...

The denim shopping bag is just lovely Jane!

antmee said...

How can people make fun of that paisley print bag? It totally suits the bag pattern you used and looks awesome! I have been lagging getting the special little card that allows me to make internet purchases but seeing your bags always has me wanting to pull my finger out and get buying! The only trouble would be stopping at one bag!

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