Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm Having A Mid-Life Crisis.....

My One-Ring Wonder

I think making this bag this week triggered my mid-life crisis - with bag-making. I really shouldn't make the same bag over and over again. It can really get to you.

8 Signs I'm Having A Mid-life Crisis

1. Making bags is starting to bore me.

2. I'm thinking of having a fling - you know with aprons, scarves, skirts, even shorts.

3. I've been impulsive lately.
  • buying wool
  • buying fabric in every colourway available
  • sewing with non-matching thread

4. I've been overly-nostalgic - constantly going thru' my old blog posts, looking at what I used to make, my first love.

5. I've been drinking too much caffeine - just to get thru' sewing one bag.

6. I'm starting to question my purpose in bag-making.

7. I feel adventurous - ruffles excite me. Beads excite me. Lace excite me.

8. I no longer pose with my bags or spend any time with them once they are made.

I've got some thinking to do, don't I?


Bethany said...

Sounds like a crazy quilt is in order, m'dear!

Florrie said...

Hi, I don't think you're having a mid-life crisis, I just think us crafters sometimes need to stretch our wings and fly out of the comfort zone we make for ourselves, I'm sure once you've had some fun with other mediums you will return to your bag making with renewed vigour......lovely blog.
From one very obsessed sock knitter.

Jos said...

oh no.....this is there a doctor/shrink in the house? better npot start buying motorcycles or fast cars...

Ayala Art said...

Jane, this is one of the funniest posts ever! I love it, just too funny! thanks for making me giggle

stacey said...

Hi Jane, i found your blog recently and find it most interesting. Maybe to retrigger interest is to teach. I really do want to learn from you!

by night said...

Jane, you're hilarious! A fling with aprons??? ;-)) But that could be the right time to start sewing some clothes for your self???

CTStudios said...

Welcome to mid-life Jane. It's pre-plexing, interesting and challenging, in all respects. Go ahead and allow yourself to collect all that other stuff. Who knows where it will lead .... And, if not, you can always sell it in a destash shop.

Jenny said...

Oh I know just how you feel Jane, I've not made a bag for months now. Just quilting at the Mo.

Is it just me or....? said...

I rarely make the same things more than a few times. If you make a few different things, when you go back to bags, you will feel refreshed.

antmee said...

I don't know what to say:(. I will miss your bags:(

But on a brighter note :) !! Experimenting with other stuff for awhile is fun, exciting and can really expand your creative side.

And!! I can always go read your blog from the beginning again for my 'Projects By Jane' fix!

It would be interesting to see your creative side really flip out!

xiaofu said...

If a fling calls for it, go for it! You'll still be sewing! Be it apron, skirts or shorts! Maybe you'll be able to infuse a bit of ruffles or lace to your bags! How about a bag that looks like shorts for example? ... Ok .. ignore me ;X

tamdoll said...

Jane! If that's a mid-life crisis then I'm in trouble!! This is me EVERY DAY. I can't concentrate and need coffee just to finish one project! You probably just need a little fling. Sew something crazy. I once made a "chicken bag" with chickens fabric and little plastic chickens on the handles and someone bought it! Then get back to your bags, they're so great!!

tamdoll said...

I know I left you a comment already, but I made a purse that looked like an apron once. It's not that crazy! Or it is, and I'm just nuts.

Dee said...

Oh I sooooo know what yoou mean. I have barely touched my embroidery in ages. I find that with any activity I really enjoy that after a while of intense focus I need a break, a change of direction or something to shake it up and make it fresh again.
listen to your inner voice and break out for a bit. who know what new ideas you will gain from it to further develop your craft.

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