Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jennifer Connelly's Eyebrows

Hello there!

First of all, I want to say thanks to everyone for leaving me such sweet comments in my last post. If you haven't received a reply from me, it's because you are a "No-reply" commenter. What this means is your email is not sent to me when you comment because you did not set your email to be visible. That's why you never hear from me. I understand that some people want privacy and don't want to receive any mail. But if you wish to fix the situation, you can go to Sew Many Way's tute to fix the situation:
How To Change A No Reply
However, this tute is useful only if you have a blogger account. p.s I don't always reply EVERY commenter. Sometimes I have nothing to say, you know. But reading every comment always makes me happy.

Most people don't know this about me but I watch A LOT of movies and TV shows. Recently, to distract myself from my mid-life crisis with my bags, I watched The Dilemma. I believe I made a good choice because it certainly distracted me. The movie is by no means a great movie or even highly entertaining. Sure, there are bits here and there which might amuse you but as a whole movie, let me just put it this way. If you never saw the movie, you're not deprived in any way. But it's watchable.

It is headed by Vince Vaughn whom I met in The Break-up. His kind of humour is he gives long, rambling speeches which are highly inappropriate. I liked him in The Break-up. It also has Kevin James whom I like better in The King of Queens. There's also Channing Tatum whom I met in Dear John. Channing Tatum kinda reminds me of McSteamy from Grey's Anatomy which I mistook for a medical TV show about doctors healing patients like in House. As it turned out, Grey's Anatomy is about a bunch of horny doctors. Getting back to Channing Tatum and McSteamy, although I think they look a teeny bit alike, my feelings towards both are completely opposite. I find McSteamy rather sleazy whereas Channing Tatum in The Dilemma is like "Oh baby!".

I certainly do carry on. What was I saying? The Dilemma.

It is the female lead, Jennifer Connelly who is impacting my life. Did you see those eyebrows? Those huge charcoal black chalk lines across her brow? That you would see on Chinese street theatre actresses? Don't get me wrong. I think Jennifer Connelly is a beautiful woman. But to have hairy caterpillars on her eyebrows, that's so puzzling don't you think? Everytime I close my eyes to sleep, I see Jennifer Connelly's hairy caterpillars staring at me and they metamorphosise into big black moths which fly towards me.

To distract myself from Jennifer Connelly's eyebrows, I concentrated on trying out a new way of sewing zippers.

I had first tried out this new zipper style on my Alexander Henry Skulls and Roses crossbody bag. Incidentally this bag did not sell at Feb MAAD. So me hubs is right. Darn it!

Here's my new bag. This Crescent Zipped Bag may look simple but it's a breakthrough for me. I think I've finally figured out the mechanics of creating a pseudo gusset through the zipper.

My future bags will certainly benefit from this bag.

I like the simple shape. The fabric is from Fabric Innovations if you're wondering.

As always, no raw seams are visible.

Hope you had a good caterpillar-free weekend.


Sandy said...

I made the mistake of reading your post while drinking a cup of coffee.... big, big mistake. I laughed so hard I spit coffee on myself!! You crack me up Jane.

Bethany said...

Oooo, once you perfect your technique you should do a tut!
I was hoping your skulls bag would sell (I like proving men wrong :)

Micki said...

The bags are so beautiful! What lovely fabric!

Little Blue Mouse said...

Love the new bag, what's a pseudo gusset?

antmee said...

Seems crescent shaped bags are in! I found a hobo bag pattern that is crescent shaped and was going to give it a try when I am brave enough! lol Good on you for being so clever.

I am surprised your skulls bag didn't sell. Obviously the right customer hasn't been by yet!

Anonymous said...

GQ magazine 2006 100 reasons it's great to be an American male. Jennifer Connelly's eyebrows were listed as number 4 from the top.

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