Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Here comes the rain

Ladies and gent,

Yes, it's wet, wet, wet in Singapore. Last week I explained to me mom what I am doing now and found it hard to explain what an ePattern is. Then I realised that I only needed to tell her that I take photos of how I make a bag. And you know what she said?
It's going to rain every day until December!
She's almost right. It's raining lots but not every day. Unfortunately, it rains on the days I am free to do a photo shoot. I've tried taking photos with flash and artificial light but they look horrid.

Since my last post, I've managed to let the days slip through my fingers. I've not accomplished much. Everything seems to be in progress. My kids' exams are over though. That's such a relief. My son has to apply for a specialised course for the next two years of secondary school. So we're waiting for his results. He did put in a big effort for the exams so I'm expecting not too bad results. The only paper I'm worried about is Literature as he claimed there's no use studying for it etc. To be honest, I'm quite blur about secondary school streaming. But what I know is apart from English, Chinese and Math, the two other compulsory subjects are Literature and Chemistry. Good grief. I hope my son doesn't have to study Shakespeare.

My girl's results won't be out till end November. Meanwhile, both kids have been living it up with their tablets and games. Life is honestly too good for them. They lie down all day and complain they're tired.

Last week I grossed some of you out when I showed a photo of an excised mole. My apologies. I had such a giggle over the comments though. The more you ewww the more I giggled. On Monday we took me hubs to the doctor once again - this time to remove the stitches.

The wound is healing nicely. When I first saw it after the stitches came out, my stomach felt a little weak. The doc gave it a good scrubbing to get rid of the debris which explains the redness. In case you're really into the Mole Story, here's me hub's take on what made him remove the mole. Read here. Fyi, me hubs is going to remove one more mole - the one below the eye.

Kids, in this case, I want to blame my MIL. I think if she hadn't called the mole below his eye the "teardrop mole", I don't think me hubs would go to the extent to have any surgically removed. The word "teardrop" really bothered him. I never even noticed he had moles! (true story)

As for me, when I was young, people (my family and friends) would tell me what a big head and long face I have. Not once, not twice but again and again. Like it's a crime. Like it's the worst thing in the world. Like I could do something about it. Like wtf! So now, I'm always thinking I have a big head and a long face and if there's a surgical procedure to shorten my head and face, I would!

I'm not perfect. I do say stuff to my kids that I shouldn't. Like tell my son he's tall. He is very tall. But he's self-conscious about it so I stopped. And I've told my girl she has big feet (but they're not that big). So I seriously need to watch my words.

Next weekend I have a craft market and I haven't made many items. Same ole' story.  I think I try to do too many things at the same time. It's not working out. I do have 3 owl wristlets to show you. Do they look familiar? hehehe

I will be selling these owl wristlets at my next craft market. Right now they're sharing a handle. I do have to dig through my stash to find more of the fabric to make two more handles.

Oh yes, I wanted to do a giveaway to mark my four years of blogging and I just want you to know I haven't forgotten. I've already decided what to give away but we have to wait for the stars to be aligned. So be patient and wait for it. It will be sometime this year. Meanwhile, thank you for reading and big thanks to my commenters. If you wish to receive a reply from me, please note that you need to link your email to your blogger account. Otherwise I will see a "no-reply". See ya.


Linda said...

The incision is healing nicely! If it makes him feel better about himself, it was a good move for him.

punkychewster said...

happy 4 years of blogging! i'm back in the blogosphere!!!

Chris H said...

The mole removal has gone well... i look forward to seeing the other one gone now!

Rain in Singapore... my brother used to rave about the thunder and lightening storms in Singapore, he loved them.

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