Monday, October 31, 2011

Post-mortem: VivoCity 29th to 30th October 2011

Hello friends,

Fake tree outside VivoCity - anyone noticed the leaf giving me the finger?

How are you? I slept the whole day away. I'm sick as a dog. My tummy feels weird. When that happens, it means I will have a bad headache. Hours of headache. My face hurts. My eyes hurt. My stomach screams for porridge for dinner. I never want to eat porridge for dinner. Except when I feel sick. Yes, you're thinking what I'm thinking. I'm gonna lose some weight from this illness for sure! Woo hoo!

My son is sick too. He has a fever. He rarely gets sick. It's his first day of his year-end school holiday too. Don't worry. The fever does not affect his ability to play electronic games. Hope it's not a bug. Don't want my girl and hubs to get sick too. We need them to get food.

So I spent the weekend at VivoCity selling my bags. I did not have a good start. After getting my counter, I started to set up my display. Then I was told to move one counter away for my own sake as the counter next to me sells pottery art and painting is involved.  See, the paint could fly in the air and splatter on my bags. It was only one counter away so it was no big deal so I moved. But it took a long time to get the key to the new counter. None of the keys fitted. Then I tried the key from my old counter and boom! It worked. Still I felt the Universe was trying to tell me something!

I thought the new counter was a pretty good location anyway. I snagged 2 sales while I was setting up. I was actually thinking to myself it's gonna be a great day.

Then I was told to move. Again. You know, it's never nice to be asked to move. To be asked to move twice in one morning is bordering on UGLY. This time, my counter was literally carried by the staff to another location, next to the cashier. (Oh yes, there is a cashier system) Once again, I felt the Universe was trying to tell me something. Alas! I'm half deaf so I could not hear.

I'm not the kind of person who acts like an ass in public. I'm usually cooperative and nice. Maybe that's why I'm the one who has to move?

This is my table display on Saturday at my NEW PERMANENT LOCATION. After my move, I had ZERO sales for a few hours. I was quite moody for a while. I mean, you understand, right? I stopped trying to figure out what the Universe was trying to tell me.

I was also moody as on Friday I had found out my portable hard drive where I kept my 2 weeks' worth of work in my ePattern and photos had died and I did not have any other copies. On Friday night I had gone to 2 computer shops to get it repaired and was refused. These are professional PC repairmen and they have no guts to open up my hard disk? What kind of world do we live in?

Around 4pm, me hubs called me with the good news. He had broken into the hard drive and retrieved my data. The clever, clever man. I am so in love with him right now!

While on the phone listening to the good news, I started getting sales. And it got better and better from then on. The traffic was fabulous. My total sales on Saturday was pretty decent. I finally heard what the Universe was trying so hard to tell me.
Jane, we're moving you from a bad place to a good place!
At least that's what I heard.

This was my table display on Sunday. On Sunday, the crowd was different - more families. There were more browsers than buyers. My sales dropped. I managed to make a few sales so it was still alright.

Did I tell you? My neighbouring vendors are very nice folks. The one next to me sold organic baby clothes. Two very lovely ladies. I enjoyed talking to them. There was also a home decor vendor whose wares I kept checking out. Next to her is Corinna, a German lady living in Singapore. She makes really adorable dolls and owns Cute and Cosy.

Here is Corinna modelling my iPhone zip pouch. Psst... so glad she didn't hang it on her ass bum.

My counter faced this shop selling winter clothes. So I'm like staring at it all day. It's a good thing I brought my sweater and scarves because it got really cold. Otherwise I would have gone into the shop and bought myself a winter outfit. But it wasn't like cold all the time. Sometimes, it got really hot so I have to remove my sweater and walk around.

There is a restaurant called Carnivore to my right and all day I keep thinking I want to eat meat. A couple of times I went to the entrance to sniff the food. Sometimes I act like a dog.

This lovely outdoor scenery was just a few metres from where I was. A couple of times I went out for fresh air only to end up inhaling 2nd hand smoke. It's gotten to the point where open spaces in Singapore are always invaded by smokers. Across the water is Sentosa an expensive island experience for tourists.

Anyone wondered how my stamped linen did? I was curious too as it's the first time I'm selling these.

This was a hit. Groped and poked and commented on. I'm just surprised no one bought it.

The girl with balloons and tulips were bought by 2 young girls.

I have another craft market coming up on 11.11.11. I can't think of anything significant to offer on that day. I have around 10 days to make more items for sale but I think I may be out of action for a few days. I can feel a fever creeping up on me. So see you in a while. Good nite.


Bethany said...

Oh ick. Feel better! Wouldn't it have been more logical to move the flying paint seller somewhere all by their lonesome instead of moving you? But then I guess the universe couldn't have sent you its message :)

punkychewster said...

feel better soon! i did eventually get an invoice from elvin but i forgot to transfer money to paypal! so now i have to wait for the transfer to go through before i can pay for the deposit! i hope there's no deadline. see you at MAAD!!! *excited*

Laurie-Jane said...

HI Jane

I think when you were getting hot one minute and then thinking of winter clothes shopping the next, the universe was telling you that you were coming down with something. Your stall looked lovely glad to hear that the new stamped linen was a success they look great. get well super quick

Laurie Freeman

Fiona said...

I hope you'll get well soon! Your next craft market starts on a Fri? Then maybe I'll be able to make a trip down! Take care!!

Little Blue Mouse said...

I hope you're feeling better soon.

Your craft fair looks to be in a really nice place, I'm glad you did well there.

tamdoll said...

Jane! I saw the release of your new pattern, so I hope that means you're feeling better. And your son, too!

I love the way your table display looked on your sale days - I'll bet it was your mood that had you getting sales - when you were excited to be there and had sales to start, folks must have noticed.... moving again... probably soured your mood a little more... but then when your pc data was retrieved you were happy again and it must have shown! Well, that's what *I* think at least. Now I'm rambling in your comments section.

Maybe I should do a blog post myself one of these days.

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