Wednesday, October 5, 2011

You likey stripey?


Today was quite an unusual day for us. In the morning, we took hubs to see a mole specialist.

But first we got terribly lost. Me hubs said, "Blame google map." We went to the wrong hospital. Google is no longer our friend!

Despite getting directions to walk to the right building on foot, we still went the wrong way. Finally, the  nice lady who gave us directions drove us to the building. We are pathetic!

Me hubs is hoping to have 3 facial moles removed. But the doc is only willing to do one first. See where the rocket is pointing at? That's the first to go. Turned out the moles me hubs has are not easy to remove. They have to be cut out. Ouch. There will be a scar. It is not cheap. Consultation alone is $71. The surgery is $173 minimum for the each mole. It will cost more than that after adding miscellaneous like gloves, tissue paper. I don't know, just guessing.

The doc was worried me hubs might fret about his fengshui changing for the worse after removal of his mole. I don't think me hubs ever thinks about his fengshui.

We helped hubs kill time as it was too early for him to go to work.

We saw the movie Contagion. This is the kind of movie in which you will see a lot of familiar actors - some you couldn't place but are vaguely familiar. You know, that guy from, from.....

This movie reminds me of SARS. My girl was in K1 when SARS hit. Many parents kept their kids at home. Not me. I sent my girl to school every day. Only a few students showed up. It was a blessing in disguise. The teacher gave my girl a lot of attention. She won "Best Girl" for her class that year.

We had time to look around Orchard. I finally got to see the offensive ad which is making some folks in Singapore as well as a powerless Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore (ASAS) mad last week. Please tell me. Are you offended by the ad below?

Ah, here it is in its magnificence. The offensive Abercrombie & Fitch ad of a topless man. I must say dear readers. I am terribly offended by this ad. Terribly offended. Who is this desirable hunk man? How dare he show off his heavenly bod! And where may I download this ad for my wallpaper?

pic from Strip
And what about this ad Unfurgivable which some folks are offended by as well? I'll be honest. I did not understand the fuss because all I saw was a fur handbag. Today me hubs explained it to me.



We had a couple of minutes to pop into newly opened H&M. It was nice that there was no queue to enter the store. I don't quite understand the fuss over H&M. But I think I'll go back again. I saw a pair of bell-bottomed jeans I really like.

Over the weekend I made a few stripey items. Here they are.....

Stripes look good on a crescent bag.

Good ol' curvy wristlet.

Two simple zip pouches to round up.

This Friday I'll be back at MAAD selling my bags and pouches. Details below:

Maad Pyjamas
7th October 2011 Friday
5pm to midnight

@red dot design museum
28 Maxwell Road, red dot Traffic, Ground Floor

See ya.


Bethany said...

Ads like that are very common here in the US. And when I saw the purse I thought "I wonder how they sewed that fur without making a mess of it." It passed me by, too :)

ozsuzsanna said...


We have the same ads here is Hungary. We are so used with them, that we don't notice at all, only when they are totaly naked :)
And the purse...


Anonymous said...

I am outraged by the ad why is it not installed in my city.


Miranda said...

Oh Jane, you make me laugh. I'm not offended by those ads. I think the fur one is kind of clever.

Little Blue Mouse said...

Haha loved this post!
I'm only outraged that I haven't seen that add before.

Oh and I read $173 million to remove your hubs mole until I looked again.

Chris H said...

I think the 'naked' man ad is offensive myself. The pants are just too low to be decent.
As for the purse... I have not got a dirty mind so did not 'see' why it would be considered offensive.
LOVE the stripy bags.

*Tea said...

years ago, when i was still in school we had a similar add (i think the real object it was all about was a chair)... anyway, huge and fun drama, it was hung opposite side of the street where my school was. should i add that i attended a girls school run by a convent? lol.... funny thing: our teachers with normal background where more offended than the nuns!

*hooray for red and white stripes!* :D

punkychewster said...

hahahahahahahahahaha you are so silly!!!

wah singapore ads so happening nows-ah-days huh!

must come home quickly. H&M is in town! yay!!!!

sorry for the singlish overkill, i've been a little deprived these days.

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