Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My name is Jane. I am a stampaholic.

Hello readers,

Miss me?

Since I attended my first rubber-stamping workshop, I had been fantasizing about the stamps I would carve. You know how obsessed I get when I'm sewing my bags? It's true for stamping too. My obsession has not reached Intervention level yet as I don't have my rubber blocks. While waiting for my rubber blocks to arrive (and I was prudent enough to buy just 2 blocks), I went out to buy more ink. I buy the little ones. They're so darn cute. I wanted to buy EVERY colour available. Fortunately my kids were with me and I have to set a good example. I only bought 5 colours.

These are all the little fabric ink I own. I have a brown ink which I use for my label but it comes in a big tray. 

The problem I have with buying ink is I can't tell how it will turn out on fabric. I am most happy with Poppy Red, Cerulean Blue and Emerald. They look fantastic on fabric. Have you heard of Cerulean Blue? It's such a gorgeous name. If I have a third child, I would call him/her Cerulean Blue and ruin his/her life forever. Alright, I'm kidding.

Cerulean Blue.

I'm hating Bubble Gum which is just pink. It barely shows on fabric. I'm thinking if I ever use pink ink, I have to use white fabric. But ewwwww.

I couldn't wait for my rubber blocks and used a tiny bit of leftover rubber from the workshop and I carved a simple leaf. My leaf has no veins as it's so small I have no idea how to make the veins.

Here I've sewn stem stitch for the branches. As you can see, I'm totally fine with cliché ideas. The apple is done in long and short stitches.

Yay, more Houses. I did not have any round rubber so I used a cork to stamp the tree and the flowers came from the rubber behind a pencil.

I have to admit that using cork is a last resort. Cork does not hold ink well.  I searched my home for something round and flat and couldn't find anything! The next time I'm at the stationery shop, I'm checking out the round or oblong shaped erasers. And I'm itching to carve a REAL tree.

Over the weekend, I looked in one of my many messy drawers and discovered a bag of treasures. Inside were professionally-carved stamps. They were all used before but they look fine. I have no memory of how I came to possess them. See the little girl I stamped all over? I did not carve that. I'm nowhere near that level of superbness. I dunno why. When I see a girl, I automatically think balloons. Or maybe I just have the cork in my hand?

Here I've added the balloon strings. Doesn't look so weird now, does it?

Here I used  more stamps I found in the Treasure Bag. The heart stamp is really intricate. The flowers look doable. Will try and carve me some next time. And I discovered a leaf with veins!

I'll be honest. Using professionally carved stamps is a lot of fun too. And so much less time-consuming. But once you've carved your first rubber stamp, I believe you'll be hooked. My rubber blocks have arrived. What shall I carve? These are just some ideas:

♥ Tree
♥ Skull
♥ Baby
♥ Bunny

I'll see you real soon.


Bethany said...

Wowza! I'm impressed! Cerulean is my favorite shade of blue - I loved when Crayola added it to the box. It's just perfect! I love your little images you've been playing around with. Especially the little girl :)

*Tea said...

i looooove the balloons! sooo cute!
i have once tried cork too and it didn´t work well. potatoes are popular though ,)

Miranda said...

Super cool! I'm thinking that you could maybe use a tiny paint brush to make some veins on the leaves. Might work, might not :) I vote for a skull stamp, or an owl.

Chris H said...

Oh no... don't get me interested in doing that too!
I love what you have already done!

Anonymous said...

The little girl stamp with the balloons is just too adorable! I can easily picture the cloth being made into a coin purse! =D


Laurie-Jane said...

Hi Jane !

Nothing wrong with a stamping addiction. Carve a triangle and make buntings and ice cream cones and then use your cork for the ice cream. It can also be a clowns hat. Sounds like fun too.

Laurie Freeman

Mrs Sze said...

Wow .. I admire your creativity! Using whatever is available to create the patterns on the pouches :) Are those rubber normal ones we used for erasing or special stamp grade type?

jane p said...

@Mrs Sze..... (psst. your email isn't linked to your account)

The rubber blocks are special ones - not as soft as regular erasers.
If your design is not too intricate, I've discovered regular erasers (the ones that don't crumble) will work as well.

One thing about the special rubber blocks is they don't crumble over time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane!

I just took an interest in stamp carving as well and I am facing difficulty in finding those large rubber blocks for stamp carving... I was wondering if you have any recommendations as to where to purchase them in Singapore? Thanks!


jane p said...


I bought them from The Little Happy Shop https://www.facebook.com/happyshop


Anonymous said...

Thanks once again! Did you buy from the shop itself? Because I can't seem to find the item listed on their website... If you don't mind, may I ask what's the block's measurements and price? (:

p.s. your blog is great!

jane p said...

Block size is 15cm X 6cm at SGD7.40 each. You can email customer@thelittlehappyshop.com to enquire or purchase.

p.s. thank you.


Anonymous said...


Okay, thanks for sharing! I'll be emailing them to get a couple of those :)


Jo said...

I'm addicted to stamp carving too! Have been carving for 7 years now and still going strong. It's something that you can just pick up and do without creating a giant mess on your work desk!

By the way, I am also a fellow etsy seller and SAHM to two young boys. ;)

Well, happy to say hi and hurrah to handmade in Singapore! :)

Valene Tay said...

Hello Jane! I am a stampaholic too and I post my hand-designed, hand-made stamps at thecraftyloufoo.blogspot.com. I'll be delighted if you could drop by to say hi! The link to my Etsy shop is on the blog too. :)

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