Monday, October 3, 2011

I need a clone

Dear lovely readers of mine,

It's October already? Why does time fly when you don't have enough of it? I need another pair of hands. To take care of all the menial work. It's the last quarter of the year and time to really start stocking up. It's also time to start thinking about craft markets for Christmas. This October alone, I have 3 days of craft markets. That means weeks of sewing. Honestly, I'm not complaining. It's always good to have a market date to sew for. Feels more purposeful.

This past week hasn't been that good for me. I think it's the pressure from the end of primary school exams my girl is sitting for. Tomorrow is the last day! I'm practically incubating her so she doesn't fall sick. It's just an exam which decides which secondary school she gets to go to.

In Singapore, at the end of primary 6, kids sit for an exam for English language, mother tongue, science and math. A T-score is generated based on the marks earned and calibrated against their peers. This T-score is then used to qualify for a secondary school. Schools which are more successful will have higher cut-off T-score. The worst ones will take in anyone who applies.

The way the teachers and schools go on about it, it's like the kids are sitting for the Imperial Exam. There's so much unnecessary stress and we parents have to fork out ransoms to pay for extra lessons at private tuition centres. Why? Because the exams are pitched at a a higher level than what's taught in schools. My opinion? The meritocracy in singapore education system SUCKS! What it has produced are elitism and crappy secondary schools which nobody wants to go to. Wouldn't it be great if kids could attend secondary schools near their homes without having to check if they meet the cut-off exam score? Geez, what gives schools the right to exclude kids based on grades? How did Singaporeans let this even happen? Yes, I'm just ranting. Just one more day.

When my son entered secondary one, he said to me that if he had learnt the secondary one syllabus in primary six, the primary six exams would have been a breeze. I'm sure the kids who were hot-housed found it a breeze.

Remember my skulls challenge with me hubs which I won? Thought I'll show you a pic of him eating his words or should I say money he lost.

Isn't he sweet? Hamming it up for the camera?

You recall I had some cardholders for sale? Well, well. I had 4 unsold ones and I displayed them when I was at 313@Somerset. I didn't manage to sell them on Friday and Saturday and me hubs said and I quote:

I wish you wouldn't display them for sale. NO ONE will buy them.

Unfortunately, I did not have my shark-mode on because I did not say:

Care to make that a bet?

Because I sold the 2 top ones on Sunday. I have to be more vigilant in future. Can't believe I missed the chance to make another $100 off me hubs.

I've been quite pre-occupied with my sling bags. It's going to be a ePattern soon. I already have the sizing perfect. All I need is 1 week of free time to create the pdf. Yes, yes, I know. I work very slowly. Here are three new ones.

Skulls and roses

Blue Momo

Psuedo patchwork
Hey, has anyone other than Miranda noticed the changes on my blog? I made the blog header HUGE, changed the font for the text and changed the sizing of the page and sidebar. I'm using the new blogger editor so changing the fonts is really easy. But for the sizing of the page and sidebar, because my template is really old like 2004 old, I had to modify the html. I am not a fan of html. I feel the same way about html as when I have to unclog the toilet or pipes. See you soon.


Bethany said...

Oooooo, I like the sling bags! Especially the patchworky one.

Anonymous said...

What a trooper he is for paying up. Nice one. Hope all goes well with the exam

Laurie Freeman

Relished Artistry said...

Regarding the education thing--hang in there, Jane... Sounds like the pressures on young people to use their education as a mark of their "quality' are similar to what they are here in the United States... But it also sounds like you're setting a wonderful example that school isn't necessarily everything, and that tests can't quantify a person's potential for success...

In the end, it's all supposed to lead to a higher quality of life. Let's all just remember to live it instead of perpetually prepare to live it "someday in the future"... : )

Anonymous said...

hi Jane, my 4 year old son point to one of your sling bags and said: I like the "pirate" one! may be you should try some boy's thing on the skull and roses fabric.:)


punkychewster said...

i am loving the skulls and roses fabric more everytime i see it! good lord, your husband is such a good sport! i can barely even get ANY part of mine into my pictures. and you're my tech-goddess! so clever you are!

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