Saturday, October 8, 2011

Whatcha doin?

It's Saturday night in Singapore. It's been cloudy and cold all day - no chance of taking any pics. Yesterday I was at MAAD and it was kind of a weird day.

First of all, I went for a jog and came home exhausted. I hadn't jogged for a week and one week was all it took to put me out of shape. After messing around for a while, I took a nap at 10am thinking I'll get a power nap of at most 30 minutes and then I'll pack my luggage for maad. It became a 2 hour snooze.

I don't know how I managed to squeeze shower, lunch, packing luggage but I managed to leave for maad at my usual time. It was Children's Day so my girl came along with me. (she volunteed although she did grumble about not having any free time) Amazingly, I caught a taxi right away and it went the short way and I arrived at red dot early. There was a queue. I've never arrived this early before.

Some people use objects to queue. I discovered I don't like arriving early and queuing.

It rained. All the folks selling by the road had to move into the museum. It was cramped. The live singing and dj moved to the back of the museum. The portrait painters moved to a different location.

The fengshui was totally changed. I think I got the table of DEATH because my sales was very sad. I was very disappointed. It was also Crazy Hair Day for me.

The museum is really dark. Know why? The bright lights are switched OFF. I think it's time I invest in some small but bright lights. Ikea here I come.

I saw these exhibits which I thought was really cool. Would you believe they are tupperware? Yes, the overrated plastic containers.

I managed to make one more bag since my last post. It's a one-ring-wonder. I modified the shape a little to give it a wider base. No, it didn't sell. But there was a tiny bit of interest.

It's made of cotton canvas. I love the green leaves! The fabric is manufactured by kiyohara.

I hope you don't mind me showing you the bag bottom. It's a current fetish of mine.

My next craft market is on 29th and 30th October. That means I have loads of free time to devote to my ePatterns. All I need is for the sun to come out bright and shining like it should. I will work on 2 ePatterns next two weeks. Oh, I met a guy seller at maad. He owns monster gallery. I have signed up to learn rubber stamp making from him. That's next Saturday. I have tried making moulds on my own but they're really crappy. Hopefully I will be able to pick up the basics from him. Also, I have a free bag tute coming up. If all the stars are lined up perfectly, I should be able to publish it this month. I'll see you soon.


Bethany said...

Really? That bag didn't sell? I'd have snapped that up - that's gorgeous! And "table of death" - hahahahahaha :)

OneLittleThread said...

sorry, cloudy AND cold in Singapore...huh?

Chris H said...

I can't imagine Singapore cold!
I'm sorry you had bad sales ... maybe next time you will sell heaps! fingers crossed for you.

Little Blue Mouse said...

I love the fabric of your new bag.

ByNightCreations said...

I looove that new bag! great fabric!
sorry to hear the sales weren't good. i like how you put it on Fengshui ;-)
as for the rubber stamps making, I really can't wait to see what you com up wit. Maybe you'll make your own prints after that?

jocelyn teo said...

Hi Jane, awww I'm so happy I found your blog!! Read through a big bulk of your posts, and was laughing through out! How great to find such a wonderful craft blog, and I should be at the next MAAD too, will definitely check out your bags!! :)

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