Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tale of one mole

So, today was the day. Me hubs got a little nervous.

Goodbye mole. Me hubs regretted not plucking the mole hair.

The waiting area is nice with running water and fish to calm the nerves. Don't want any patients to flee!

I don't think the clinic is prepared for Big Foot. (I got to wear the plastic bags over my sandals too!)

In the studio for a Before photo. The photographer didn't say "smile".

The doc is just giving jabs to numb the skin. Me hubs acted like a baby and asked to be put to sleep. The doc declined

We had to wait a short while before the doc start CUTTING the mole out. I think me hubs is stoned. (on imaginary drugs)

I didn't get to witness the actual surgery. It was over very quickly. The bandage gave me a fright though. Can you imagine how scary he would look if he had removed all 3 moles at once?

We got to bring home the excised mole. The hair is still intact. I knew the kids would be grossed out. Couldn't wait to show them! It'll be one week before the stitches come off and we can see what the scar looks like.

Exciting day for me. Now, you all remember why you came to my blog in the first place? Yes, my bags. I have one to show you.

It's another of my one-ring wonder bag. But look at the gorgeous blue. Another cotton canvas from kiyohara.

It's the bottom shot again! I'm getting just a tiny bit tired of making bottoms this way.

It's a recessed zipper bag. If you're wondering what the bit of red in the lining is, it's the pocket. See you guys real soon.


Linda said...

I know your husband is glad to have that one behind him! Here they would not let you take it home. They would send it off to a lab so they could charge you an extra arm and leg for the work!
Love the bags!

Little Blue Mouse said...

Ha ha, I don't know about the kids - it grossed me out!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! was eating my cereal wasn't expecting the mole. Surprised they let you bring it home what a special momento!! The bag is rather lovely welcome relief for my stomach. Laurie Freeman

Chris H said...

EEwwww to the mole! It looks gross in the jar. with hair even!!!
The bag is much nicer to look at..... I am though, looking forward to seeing your hubby's face once the stitches are out!

punkychewster said...

ahhhhh!! gross!!! i can't believe you posted the picture of the ex(or)cised mole!!!!

going to read about your MAAD post now!

anna said...

I hope it all heals well and that there won't be much scarring.
Always enjoy reading your blog.

*Tea said...

uhuu... i couldn´t look the last picture.... i am glad some happy bags followed it! ,)
Anyway, hope your hubs Chi will survive and there won´t be big scars left.

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