Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I taught my sister to make a pouch

The last time I had a booth at VivoCity Craft market, my sister Elaine came by. She mentioned that she wanted to learn to make my drawstring pouch which I usually have for sale at craft markets. I don't remember what I said to her but I know I didn't promise to teach her.

Days went by and suddenly one day I woke up and decided I would teach my sister to sew my pouch. And you know how I teach people to sew. Yes, I created a pdf bag pattern. So I sent some fabric and supplies to my sister and told her she would be the tester for the pattern.

I don't know if she felt frightened by this enormous task. But she has never made a bag or a pouch in her life. So she was really perfect to be the tester. She did have some experience sewing some simple items. Since this is her first pouch, I think I've totally spoilt it for her. She'll never accept raw edges again.

Here she is proudly showing off her Treasure Pouch. She said the pouch is good for keeping her "rubbish". I've politely declined to call it the Rubbish Pouch.

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This pouch can be made in two ways. One way is to use a pretty print. Mine is a Lecien print. Aren't the retro flowers pretty? Lecien does retro flowers really well. And the other way, still in keeping with the floral theme, is to embroider simple flowers on a piece of linen or calico.

This pattern is a great project for someone who has never made a pouch or a bag and would like to start. Currently available on Etsy here. I will list this bag pattern in my other pattern shops soon.

Oh, I know it's a little early to mention Christmas. But if you're thinking of making something handmade as gifts, I have a little sale going on at my Etsy shop. ALL my bag patterns are currently marked down to $5 each. (Yes, every bag pattern.) It's a great deal! I'll keep this price until end October Singapore time.

See ya.



Gingini said...

Love the story ànd the pouch. :) Very nice to have a personal pouch tester! ;)

Dee said...

I love it. It was very clever of you to design it and have your sister test it as well as learn along the way. I bet she is pleased with her accomplishment and I hope you are too. :)
The bags with the hand embroidery are so lovely.

tamdoll said...

That's great that she could do it, for herself & for you!

I'm off to spread the word about your sale, I hope it goes well.

So, I was looking at your count to 1000... you're almost there - what will you do when you finish 1000 bags?

Linda said...

Your sister looks very proud of her little treasure pouch! I taught my sister to quilt this summer. I was hesitant, because I am afraid she will be better than me at it! In the end, she IS my sister and I taught her anyway!

Chris H said...

I am sure your sister enjoyed making her pouch... it is very pretty.

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