Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Slow down October

Hey folks,

Kindly do me a favour and get October to stop hurtling by so dem fast. See I've been having too much fun making a variety of items for my Christmas craft market. Thing is, because I want to do something different and keep myself interested, it takes a lot more effort and time to make each item. Unfortunately, time is what I don't have right now. So perhaps it's time to stop enjoying myself and just knuckle down and churn out the pouches? I've done a calculation and it looks like I'm already way behind my production schedule. If I don't start spitting out pouches and bags starting tomorrow, I'm very sure I'll suffer a financial loss in December's craft market. And you know, I don't like to lose money. Suddenly I feel very afraid.

Today I took time out to get my hair done. New hair - new beginning.

Ha ha. See how I dumbly took a photo of the stool I had sat the camera on.

I suddenly realize I have the same idiot expression on my face. Anyway, I feel very light which is what I like. I hate having so much hair. My hair looks very neat now but trust me. When I wake up tomorrow, I'll get back my sexy disheveled look.

Oh, the Singapore school year is almost over. Tomorrow is my girl's last day of school. My son has an extra week of school. Speaking of son, he has travelled to a neighbouring country with his school. It's all part of his global awareness education. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to have a good sleep until he comes back home safe and sound. It feels strange not to have him around. In my days, my school never took me anywhere other than the usual local sightseeing places. Kids nowadays have such privileges.

My kids report books aren't out yet. But they have received their exam results and from what I've heard, I'm pretty sure I won't need to be hospitalized.  Just kidding. I'm a tough gal.

With 2 months of school holidays ahead, I'm quite stressed over how to occupy my kids' time. I certainly don't want them to be playing computer games all day. (which is how they imagine they'll spend all their time) I have considered enrolling them in pizza and spaghetti cooking courses since they love to eat these. I mean, why not learn to cook them? They're quite resistant to all my suggestions. So it looks like they'll be "studying"  Heroes of Might and Magic VI.

Tomorrow I'm chaining myself to the sewing machine and I will make those pouches and bags. Swear.


Linda said...

Your hair looks great! (Very similar to my style right now. Easy to keep!)
You are also looking so fit and trim. I need to work on that!
Why don't you get your kids involved in helping you churn out those bags? Maybe there are a few steps they could do to speed up the process. Have an assembly line! (Just don't ask them if they want to. Pay them in pizza or something!)

Laura said...

Nice hair! I'm thinking of getting mine cut off again as its soo long and cannot cope with it being everywhere. I'm sure you'll get there on the bag front as well!

Kandi said...

Great hair, I'm one of those that wakes up in complete disarray each and every day, it's takes a good 40mins before I am suitable for public viewing.
Good luck with the kids holidays are always tough. x

Suzee said...

Well I expected to see a new project you talked about LOL. I do like the new do! I wish you luck in sewing tomorrow.. I will be chaining myself along beside you as I have 3 custom orders I have not even started on! eeks.

punkychewster said...

I like the new look Jane!! I envy people with a thick head of hair because that's something i lack! My hair is fine, thin and flat. Bleagh.

And i can empathise with the monotonous churning out of stock for a craft market. I hope you start getting productive soon, you can enjoy and relax after the holiday season and maybe take a longer break to take on a project that you've always wanted to do (just for fun) but never had the time for! I'm taking a major break now -- just made a Halloween outfit, i have completely fallen off the wagon and stopped my Etsy production!! Must.get.back.to.it.soon.


tamdoll said...

Love your hairdo! I always feel so light after going to the salon, but my mess of hair returns pretty quickly the next day.

Good luck with the kids on vacation. Stay calm. Sew a lot. That's all the advice I can give. School breaks make me crazy. Heck, just weekends when everyone is in the house drives me a little nuts.

Corinna said...

Gorgeous ,love your new haircut and the color as well. Keep on sewing Jane, remember we've to pay almost a fortune only for the daily rent, not to forget the percentage..decided to raise the prices :-)

Chris H said...

Your hair looks really nice Jane.

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