Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The end of a love affair

Have you ever had an affair? With a fabric? Well, I did. And with you know which fabric. (the green-yellow one with green roses) But it's come to an end. Just so you know I tried to stay away. I tried my best to work on other fabric. And god knows I have so much other fabric - in other colours. Blue, yellow, purple, beige, brown, green, blue, orange too. But my thoughts kept drifting over to the green-yellow chucked in one corner. Like what else could I make with it? I could not concentrate. I felt listless. I couldn't accomplish anything. I even branded my hand with a hot iron. (not on purpose)

So folks, I had no choice but to lay my green-yellow fabric on my cutting table. I decided once and for all to make everything I could and use up all the remaining fabric.

First up, my favourite Crescent Bag. I do confess I'm getting a bit sick of the crescent. It's not that easy to make in the first place.

This top zip bag is really very small but you can't really tell from the pic. I'm into lunchtime bags - you know just big enough for a few essentials. So this little bag was made with that in mind. I'm now wondering why the handles are so long. This bag was fun to make. 

You're probably familiar with my Get up and go go sling bag. This fabric really suits the sling bag. It's textured and slubby. Not too thin and not too thick.

The last bag I made was my one-ring wonder shoulder bag. It's been a while since I made this bag and I'm surprised I still enjoy making it. It is a recessed zipper bag as I didn't think a top zip will work.

There isn't much left of the fabric. I've put them away for future patchwork. Now that I've gotten this fabric out of my system, I can get on with my life and look at my other fabric.

Making these 4 bags took a lot of energy out of me. I want to laze around and watch TV all day. But the clock is ticking and if I want to make a total of 74 bags and pouches by 14th December, I have to keep going.

23 out of 74 projects completed.

p.s. if you're anywhere near sandy, do stay safe and dry.

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Linda said...

Good for you! Your bags turned out really pretty!

By Night said...

I can fully understand that type of addiction as it has occured to me before :-)
Every single one of these are gorgeous!

Suzee said...

Love all those bags.. I like the last one best though..I love the bigger bags but I have a hard time carrying them with a bad shoulder. But I still try!
You are dedicated in the bag making! I hope you can make your deadline.. and I am curious in the remaining bags you make!!!

Little Blue Mouse said...

Well I for one am disappointed. If you've used up all of that gorgeous fabric then what is there for me to look forward to? Except maybe a bit of patchwork?

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